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Service Management Architecture and The Gold Blue Print

Service Management Architecture and The Gold Blue Print

Today, multivendor service has permeated enterprise information technology landscape at every level. The implementation of Cloud technology, for instance, involves more than one provider. In such a scenario, service integration becomes essential. Therefore, a robust service management blueprint is required that will ensure efficient integration. With this in mind, HCL has developed the Gold Blue Print (GBP) – a practical implementation of service management architecture.

GBP has multiple elements, from service support transactions to service portfolio and catalog. The service management nervous system is at its core, consisting of middleware and interfaces that facilitate communication among the databases and the entire system. Additionally, GBP is the process ecosystem of HCL best practices, involving a group of service management processes along with their operating environment. It’s a blueprint of interacting and interdependent relationships, outlining hierarchical and peer structures. Some of the key features of GBP are a well-defined service management data model and taxonomy, customer independent process master data etc.

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