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Integrating social intelligence into retail merchandising

Integrating social intelligence into retail merchandising

The traditional merchandising process for retailers is being upended by the omniscience of social media. Retailers today are eager to integrate the insights mined from the mountains of customer data on social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter into their merchandising process. In order to achieve this though, the retailers must follow a process that ensures that they deliver a unique customer experience that is tailored to each customer’s tastes and preferences. 

Navigating the challenges that are associated with creating a social media presence, developing one’s audience, gathering and mining the data for actionable intelligence and taking decisions based on the insights can be fraught with pitfalls and obstacles.

This whitepaper aims to demystify some of the common issues that retailers face while attempting this journey. We elaborate on the importance of social media for catering to today’s perpetually connected consumers and help you choose the right platform and strategy for your organization. The paper simplifies the technical difficulties associated with gathering and mining customer data by providing a broad overview of the process involved and helps organizations understand the support systems that need to be in place to enable them to maximize the return on their social media investments.