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LTE Advanced Pro-Progression towards 5G

LTE Advanced Pro-Progression towards 5G

We have already seen four generations of wireless technologies, starting from the voice-centric 1G and 2G, voice-and-data-centric 3G to the completely data-centric 4G. With the future 5G, we will witness technologies that support both voice and data, as well as the massive connectivity of IoT. The new ecosystem will expand bandwidth to exchange entire movies and other large data in a short time span and bring forth specific use cases for sensor devices, which need to survive 10 years and more with one battery.

While the specifications of many of the features of LTE have been stated in earlier releases, the technology will only attain maturity over time, taking the form of LTE Advanced Pro. This refined wireless technology has evolved from LTE Advanced to lead the path towards 5G.