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i18N Support For Monitoring Applications

i18N Support For Monitoring Applications

Due to an increase in the number of application monitoring software in global market, it is imperative that the monitoring software should support all possible locales. Most companies need the software for English-speaking locales, but there are customers who need the software to support country-specific local languages as well, and such markets are increasing day by day. For instance, most European companies need the software to work with their local language, instead of English.

Internationalization process, or i18n, is the process of making an application flexible enough to work in different languages, and respect different conventions and customs. Internationalization strategy includes developing the application in a way that language or locale is not a barrier for the application. It also includes number format, date, handling of names, and time format.

Internationalization is a critical business process for any company producing monitoring software products.When done right, i18n makes subsequent localization tasks much easier, faster, and less expensive.

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