Cultivating Digital Literacy for Business Success | HCLTech

Today, technology is at the center of virtually all jobs, with employees relying on machine learning, collaboration tools and cloud-based applications to do their daily work. According to McKinsey, companies are continuing to accelerate the digitization of their products, services and customer interactions by 20% points, exceeding 50% overall enterprise digitization and still growing at a breakneck pace.

 But there is a disconnect between technology investments and utilization. Nearly three-quarters of organizations saw lower sustained returns from digital investments due to a lack of user adoption.Employees scramble to learn mission-critical applications only to adjust, unlearn and relearn skills to keep pace with the fast-evolving technologies. Digital literacy is lagging. It’s evident that all companies are now digitally sustained, thanks to the pervasive use of technology in nearly every aspect of business. Even the jobs that aren’t technology focused require some level of digital literacy.

 Download this exclusive whitepaper to understand why today’s professional landscape demands employees who are digitally fluent and have the right mix of skills to grow their products, services and customer experiences quickly. As companies expand their breadth of digital products and services, employees need to be trained and equipped to leverage digital mediums and become more productive, collaborative and successful.

 Key takeaways from this whitepaper:

  •        Actionable recommendations for communicating the value of digital literacy in the workplace
  •        Focusing on opportunities for workers to build industry-specific but transferrable skills
  •        Business benefits of permeating digital literacy investments across the board
  •        Bringing a business voice and cross-sector experience to digital talent development
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