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LIMS Integration Framework Model

LIMS Integration Framework Model

Today's LIMS business applications rarely live in isolation. The LIMS users expect instant access to all the LIMS business functions an enterprise can offer, regardless of which LIMS system the functionality may reside in. This requires disparate LIMS applications to be connected into a larger, integrated solution. This integration is usually achieved through the use of some form of "middleware". Middleware provides the "plumbing" such as data transport, data transformation, and routing.

The integration of the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a major challenge in the industry. In a pharmaceutical company which has multiple versions of LIMS or a single version of LIMS, the integration within the LIMS products is still under research. Here, the ideal solution would be a systematic LIMS data integration and cleansing of the unstructured data management and the information management that allows storing the data from the various LIMS operational system to a common single LIMS repository system, from where, the user can retrieve the data for the reporting. The proposed framework model is designed in such a way that  any type of LIMS product can be plug-in with the proposed integration model. Here, the intelligent and generic adaptors will help in the data push/pull operation for the seamless integration between the different types of LIMS applications. These adaptors can be plug-in with any types of LIMS.