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Nuances in ERP (SAP) integration with LIMS

Nuances in ERP (SAP) integration with LIMS

Enterprise Resource Planning systems (the next level above Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems that automate production planning systems) enable cross-functional integration so that an organization can evolve to a networked manufacturing company that utilizes real-time monitoring of business functions. The incorporation of product quality information from the laboratory within ERP systems is a clear priority for addressing product release or quarantine / Reprocessing in timely manner as appropriately necessitated by FDA thru PAT requirements. Between the production plant and the laboratory that is analyzing data from production, there is a need for regular exchange of information about quality and analysis values. In order to leverage the full benefits of modern ERP solutions, organizations require automated access to all aspects of their business, including the process laboratory. This paper is intended to highlight how best LIMS can be integrated with SAP and what are the areas to be considered during operational part of it.


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