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SALMD Framework in medical devices

SALMD Framework in medical devices

The advent of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) in the Medical Device industry triggers HCL to come up with the SALMD framework enabling a conceptual approach towards Health Care & Service space. LIMS can be very well used in the medical device industry in manufacturing as well as validating medical devices. The areas include Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), Quality Assurance, Labeling and Packaging Control etc. Both for Reprocessing Medical Devices and Single Usage medical Devices LIMS support would prove beneficial. In this year's Medical Device Integration technology profile, we describe the early mainstream technology that permits medical devices to work with computer-based patient record (CPR) systems in common nursing workflows.
The handshaking between LIMS and such systems could help in maintenance of many useful and related data. Management capabilities could include device inventory and location tracking, repair status, software versions, and patch levels. At the same time instrument management functions will come quickly as evolutionary improvements to the capabilities as a part of Medical Device Integration technology. Another very important aspect of the usage of LIMS in Medical Device Industry is Quality Assurance. The major area where LIMS can prove its worth is space of QC/QA. Records show that a considerable number of patients die in hospitals due to medical errors 


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