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Intelligent SCM - Accelerated Business Transformation @ Technology

Intelligent SCM - Accelerated Business Transformation @ Technology

The dynamic nature of today’s business and macroeconomic environments presents a chronic challenge for organizations to nimbly anticipate and react to immediate business requirements, while simultaneously remaining on track and aligned with a given company’s 5-year business plan and strategy. As a result, there is significant pressure on both operations and business managers to manage and execute day-to-day processes, ensuring timely deliveries through effective and frequent allocations/re-allocations of resources. In addition, it requires continuous monitoring of existing operations and the management of deviations, exceptions and spikes in demand—both proactively and reactively—while at the same time planning for a higher level of customer requirements and deliveries in the quarters ahead.

In response to these evolving business requirements and concerns with past approaches, and to help organizations overcome the related and competing challenges, HCL’s Manufacturing Solutions Group has developed a suite of consulting-led transformation assessments, frameworks and SCEM tools as part of our Intelligent Supply Chain Management (iSCM) offering. The whitepaper discusses how iSCM enables organizations to realize and accelerate near-term operational goals without risking cost and time overruns, while also introducing required process changes to successfully support future business plans and strategies.

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