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Redefine business value through integrated GRC approach

Redefine business value through integrated GRC approach

With an enhanced focus on corporate governance and internal control in today’s business environment, organizations need effective mechanisms for achieving regulatory compliance and meeting a variety of stakeholder demands — for higher quality products and services, competitive price, and profitable growth. The unified GRC practice enables the integration and orchestration of key processes, in order to become a more reliable, integral and reputed organization while addressing uncertainty and capturing opportunities. 

The unified GRC requires a single definition of the process context, designed to meet the needs of all GRC groups and their stakeholders. To derive the complete benefits of GRC convergence, all GRC groups must use the same organization and process structures for planning work, allocating resources and reporting outcomes. 

HCL's Business Risk Intelligence & Compliance Solution (BRiCS™) provides a holistic view of the convergence of GRC functions and harnesses best standards across industries for unified GRC.  It helps organizations identify, understand and manage the dynamic inter-relationships between risk and compliance.

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