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Revolutionary Servitization solution for OEM's

This white paper describes how Manufacturers and Service providers can use the wealth of data collected from the connected products and the devices using IoT/Predictive Maintenance and leverage them across product maintenance and service. Also, the industries can concentrate on improving the quality of future products. This new business solution improves the product service using predictive maintenance in IoT domain ideally to enhance customer experience, revenue streams and efficiency.  In the connected IoT world, we have a plenty of proficiency in collecting data from industrial devices and products. Applying the IoT in the manufacturing industries and making the best use of their maturity from monitoring to intelligence to service transformation can mean different things. This futuristic solution would require a business transformation on migrating from manufacturing-based entity towards Integrated product and Service based entity. This Servitization solution for OEM’s which encompass the services management and edge enabled IoT devices supports standard warranty and maintenance process. Along with that, this solution endorses companies on moving from basic service maintenance to outcome-based services through IoT predictive maintenance. This Servitization is continuous and reliable revenue source for OEM industry along with greater customer satisfaction. Download the whitepaper to continue reading.  
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