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Application Development and Delivery in the 21st Century

Application Development and Delivery in the 21st Century

In Q3, 2016 as a part of Technology Adoption Profile (TAP), HCL commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the trends, drivers, and challenges of business application development and delivery in the 21st century by doing a primary research of key decision makers globally.

Key insights from the survey study

  1. Businesses are focusing on superior and enhanced customer experience transformation as the first step.
  2. They are looking to leverage existing assets in the form of applications and data to create this modern experience, instead of creating new innovative applications.
  3. They are exploring Agile development and delivery approaches not just for front-end systems but also for core processes.
  4. There is a need for highly usable and engaging experiences that is overhauling the requirements management process as well as technology platforms. For this, firms are considering to create specialized applications suitable for different contexts and users of the enterprise software.

To summarize, Business applications landscape needs to be modernized, and firms need to act fast to address evolving customer expectations

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