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Codeless Automation

Codeless Automation

There are heaps of testing tools available in the market today, and many of them are marketed as being simple to use and maintain, having multiple features. As automation SMEs we come across plenty of real-time instances where we need to leverage coding/ scripting to bring better coverage for automation and to avoid lines of code from accumulating. The more code - the more complexity, and the higher the maintenance costs for scripts as well as frameworks. Thus, as practitioners, we need to be able to make this journey with as little coding involved and achieve higher quality and maintainability, setting the foundation for ‘Codeless Automation’. This whitepaper highlights the need for a Codeless Test Automation Framework that allows us to effectively design automated tests without any programming language and make test design, execution, the tracking of results, and script maintenance, easier. This paper is for business managers, test leads and software test engineers and the key focus areas of application include system and regression testing.


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