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Digitalization Leading to New Age Testing

Digitalization Leading to New Age Testing

Without most of us taking notice, our world has gradually been digitalized during the last 20 years. Digital products and services can be found in almost all areas of our life. We communicate via digital phones and cell phones, we watch digital TV, we read digital newspapers, we inform ourselves digitally using the Internet, we shop digitally, we document our lives with social media, and we work digitally with computers. It is hard to find a part of our lives that has not been affected by the digitalization revolution. Even more, our social welfare, our jobs, our social order, on the medium run, everything is dependent on technical progress and digital innovation

Executives in all industries are using digital advances such as analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices – and improving their use of traditional technologies such as ERP – to change customer relationships, internal processes, and value propositions. Other executives, seeing how fast digital technology disrupted media industries in the past decade, know they need to pay attention to changes in their industries now. A handful of such organizations have also started embracing Digitalization to create a competitive advantage.

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