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Mobile BI: The next frontier in Business Intelligence

Mobile BI: The next frontier in Business Intelligence

This new connected world has changed how consumers shop for products and services establishing the need for businesses to provide a consistent experience regardless of the channel – web, mobile, brick-and-mortar, telephone, email – which the consumers use to interact with the service provider. Many of these empowered consumers are taking their devices to work and expect their firms to provide support for these devices for them to perform tasks that require access to sensitive or secure company information. Further, companies are looking to leverage this new symbiotic relationship between individuals and mobile devices to provide their employees with enhanced information services that enable them to make better decisions regardless of location or access device. This need for information to be ubiquitous has created a discontinuity that many companies will have to bridge to stay competitive, the purpose of this whitepaper is to help these companies understand this new paradigm and ease their journey into the next frontier in Business Intelligence: Mobile BI.


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