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HCL Technologies

New Levers for a Transformative CFO

New Levers for a Transformative CFO

HCL has been a choice transformation partner for many a client journey’s across the value chain – from front office (sales,marketing ) to middle office processing to backoffice information delivery and horizontal processes.

Having delivered a number of point solutions in Finance technologies through multiyear transformations, HCL now believes that an integrated transformation approach is needed to bring about desired transformation benefits and calls for a partner who can bring in multi-faceted solutions in this journey – technologies, processes, people, engagement models – and business solutions. HCL’s iCFO framework is based on the collective experience gained by delivering projects across the board for CFO and Finance IT landscapes, and for traditional build and run technology projects. The framework reiterates sound IT architecture approaches that has been timetested in various layers of technologies and underpins the Finance IT landscape in an integrated architecture.