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Solving key business challenges with a Big Data Lake

Solving key business challenges with a Big Data Lake

After more than five years of big data evolution, a second generation of more mature technology and architecture options have started emerging. One of the most significant trends is the concept of the big data lake.

HCL’s Business Analytics Services organization provides an end-to-end big data framework and operating model for that can be used for exploration of all sources including social media, internet of things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M), and business events and transactions.

It is used by chief information officers, chief data officers and chief marketing officers for rapid access to a growing array of data sources that allows the business to quickly derive insight and monetize big data.

It includes a comprehensive big data operating model that includes three phases – consolidation, liberation and process for closing the analytic loop – enabled by an agile analytics development method and governance process.

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