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Two-tier ERP

Two-tier ERP

In today’s dynamic digital economy it is essential that large enterprises and their global business units have the organizational flexibility and agility to respond to changing market conditions and explore new business opportunities.

As the digital economy takes hold, companies are exploring and deploying new, innovative business models to engage with customers and drive sustainable success. At the same time, large companies continue to globalize their operations in order to reduce costs and penetrate new markets. As a result, when defining an ERP strategy, organizations need to take into account the differing needs of each part of the organization in terms of speed of deployment and agility, not to mention features and functions.

New business units provide large enterprises with the opportunity to enter new markets, explore new opportunities, and grow quickly. New business units are also being added to the enterprise as consolidation continues in many markets, through mergers and acquisitions. At HCL we believe a hub and spoke ERP approach gives organizations the flexibility to provide business units with the capabilities they need to succeed, while addressing the standardized processes, ease of reporting and planning, governance, and compliance requirements of their corporate regulations.

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