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A Roadmap for the 21st Century Smart City

A Roadmap for the 21st Century Smart City

The convergence of IoT and intelligent analytics is the key to managing complexities in existing cities. The disruptive technologies enable cities to manage their services better and evolve into smart, self-managed models. Both IoT and intelligent analytics help smart cities to not only comprehend what is happening today but also predict what will happen in the near future based on patterns obtained from historical data. Thus, there is a shift from descriptive to predictive and finally to prescriptive analytics. The five building blocks which need to be focused on to realize the “smart city dream” are transportation, building and infrastructure, public safety, public services, and energy. The city of Boston’s Vision Zero initiative is a good example of smart traffic management. Furthermore, energy meters installed in homes help monitor energy usage, and smart energy solutions suggest energy generation strategies based on predictions. To know more about 21st century smart cities, download this whitepaper.


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