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Internet of Things in Warehouse Management

Internet of Things in Warehouse Management

The scope for implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) in warehousing is substantial. IoT provides visibility into the supply chain from the ordering of materials till the shipment reaches the end customer or 3PL warehouses.

Challenges faced by warehouses include lack of space, offloading delays, improper space utilization, limited scope for improving revenues, and a dearth of visibility into partially used locations.

HCLTech’s Location Optimizer solution offers location-specific utilization information in real time. It removes the need for manual planning of location usage and generates reports for consolidation of location. The solution has a direct interface with warehouse management systems.

HCLTech has developed a solution that leverages the power of IoT through utilization of smart devices in the warehouse, simplifying the critical order management process. The solution prevents mix-ups in the event of a large number of SKUs.

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