In today's world, we come across different streams and resources. Every person is having a different experience by a different channel respectively.

The data that is available is not real-time data. This in turn is resulting in non-optimal customer experience as it introduces inconsistency in the whole customer experience life cycle. This inconsistency and non-availability of real-time data makes it challenging & difficult to cater the customers comprehensively.

Business Challenges:

  • Lack of an integrated system which will give a comprehensive view of the data
  • Inaccurate, inconsistent, disparate and non-real time data
  • Incomplete customer profile – it usually exists by channel and doesn’t account for all preferences

Key Features:

  • Integrate data from multiple silo systems to create a complete profile
  • Include all customers including those who are not members of the Loyalty Program
  • One profile and unique identity for each customer

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