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World of corporate actions

Mar 17, 2021

World of corporate actions

Vimal Jain Senior Business Specialist, Delivery Practice

Corporate actions are organized events which gets decided in company’s annual general meeting before announced through a stock exchange. These events often bring material changes to a company through changes to the capital structure as well as...
Kubernetes Autoscaling Enigma
This blog explains various autoscaling options available on Cloud, based on the demands of your workloads. Elasticity should not be taken for granted and it is available out-of-the-box by virtue of only being on the Cloud. Determination of the...
Data Operation

Feb 17, 2021

Banking Platform Integration during M&A

Vijay Krishnan S Practice manager, Banking Domain

Due to rapid growth in the banking sector, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) between banks are becoming inevitable worldwide. With banks wanting to venture into new markets and expand its area of operations and due to rise in regulatory pressure on...
The transition from London Inter-Bank Offered Rate (LIBOR) to alternative risk-free rates is posing a global risk in recent times. There are over $400 trillion in loans and derivative contracts globally exposed to LIBOR. In this article, we analyze ...
iBM Cloud
In this blog, Rajesh talks about how IBM Cloud serves as an ideal public cloud service that is designed specifically to address all the concerns of a financial enterprise.
Digital Foundation Solutions
In this blog, DK delineates how containers technology and containerization as a process can help enterprises induce efficiency, scalability, and flexibility into their workflows. He also elaborates on how HCL & Red Hat can be instrumental in...
KubeVirt and OpenShift
In this blog, Nitin Tandon and Amit Sharma delineate the importance of Container-native virtualization and how it can help enterprises accelerate the importance of the container platform and this will improve the availability of the application...
AI applications
Adoption of AI is becoming a common phenomenon across the industry. Companies are in different stages of AI maturity and depending on the level of adoption they are seeing varying levels of impact. While there is lot of excitement in the rapid...
Empowering French Enterprises
France has aspired to become a "digital republic" and has invested heavily in digital innovation. The French government has supported its digital champions and provides the necessary infrastructure for hyper-innovation. French companies, are now,...
DevOps Tools and Technologies to Manage Microservices

Aug 14, 2020

DevOps Tools and Technologies to Manage Microservices

Siddharth Barahalikar Lead Consultant, Digital & Analytics

Microservices architecture along with DevOps tools gave a new perspective to software development by the integration of development, management, and operations. In DevOps practice, it can be challenging to know which tools/technologies should be...
Agile DevOps
We live in an ever-evolving and increasingly digital world which has a significant impact on the ways in which enterprises deliver their services and how clients interact and benefit from those. To be successful, enterprises need to be agile and be...
Application modernization

Nov 27, 2020

Challenges of Legacy Application Modernization

Shyam Kumar Sundarakumar Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Many organizations that carry heavy legacy baggage, are faced with many challenges running their legacy technology-based applications with many risks like reduced skill-availability, technology obsolescence etc. This article provides a brief insight...

Oct 12, 2020

Modernizing the Legacy File System - VSAM to RDBMS

Antony Dasan Arravindh Group Project Manager, Digital & Analytics

With an increasing demand for migrating or modernizing application that uses legacy file systems such as VSAM, it is becoming imperative to convert the files to RDBMS. It not only helps to manage the data effectively but also reduces the cost of...
Mainframes are Here to Stay

Sep 25, 2020

Mainframes are Here to Stay

Unnikrishnan Bhaskara Operations Director, Digital & Analytics

People have been predicting the end of mainframe technology for decades. Unfazed by the naysayers, mainframes, the work horse of large enterprises have been quietly chugging away tons of computing workload for decades, without much fanfare....
AI and Automation, the terms that bring excitement and fear simultaneously on the face of any ma
Insurance Peak

Mar 04, 2020

SWIFT migration to ISO 20022 messages

Ishaq Basha Mohammed Senior Business Analyst

Is your bank ready to adopt ISO 20022? ISO 20022 is a messaging standard for exchanging information between financial institutions. To this date it has been adopted by over 70 countries, primarily for real-time payments and is poised to become the...
The growing need for competency development

May 22, 2019

The growing need for competency development

Piyush Saxena Piyush Saxena, VP & Head – Hybrid Cloud Services

Today, technology is a big business differentiator, and with digital transformation, many organizations are in the business of technology. This presents an excellent opportunity to re-skill ourselves and take advantage of the digital revolution. The...

Agile Documentation - An Insight
Preeti Sharma - Practice Director | September 2, 2015


What it takes to implement DevOps Environment
Sanjay Kumar - Solution Head | September 2, 2015

There is so much focus on improving release to production cycle in the last 18 months or so. I assume all of us know why?

Row Level Security in SQL
Pramod Kumar Singh | January 29, 2015

Row Level Security

Row Level Security is the mechanism to set different access levels over data in any table for different Users/Security Groups. Row Level Security can be implemented at database, cube (SSAS) and report level. SSAS/Cube security is based on the attribute level i.e., row level at the database.