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Factors such as product underutilization, poor implementation, and limited knowledge contribute to the overall ineffectiveness of asset management. Therefore, the utilities are looking to improve their asset management system for tighter integration...
Simplifying Java14 features

Sep 27, 2021

Simplifying Java14 features

Sunil Siddharth Technical Manager

Java is the one of the fast-moving languages. Every six months oracle release new release of Java development kit (JDK). Current release is JDK 15, but major release was JDK 14 which was released in March 2020. Read our blog to have a look at the...
Moving Applications to Serverless Architecture

Sep 08, 2021

Moving Applications to Serverless Architecture

Dipjyoti Ghosh Solutions Architect, Digital Business

As we progress to digital landscapes, where computing is becoming omnipresent, end-users and developers have less time to understand the intricacies of what lies beneath versus what is ultimately being delivered. “Serverless” has been a buzzword in...
App Development

Sep 06, 2021

The Future is Now: Introducing Low Code/No-Code Development

Subhayu De Sarkar Offering Lead – SAP BTP, UX & Mobility

SAP’s recent acquisition of Appgyver adds one more highly efficient low code/no-code mobile app development tool. Appgyver is a strong alternative to mobile application development platforms in the SAP BTP offerings. It is the next-generation...
Kubernetes Platform

Sep 02, 2021

Kubernetes Platform: Best Practices for Enhanced Performance & Security

Mohd Umair Akbar Associate General Manager - Azure Cloud Practice

Kubernetes is the de-facto standard in current digital world. As foundation and platform teams are separate, there are certain areas which platform architect should be aware of to build a robust Kubernetes system. This blog presents the best...
New Buzzword

Aug 17, 2021

Adaptation of Git Ops Methodology in Container Deployment in Kubernetes Cluster of Enterprises

Abhiroop Ghatak Consultant - Cloud Native Practice (Hybrid Cloud Business Unit)

This blog is about Git Ops and how it can be adapted in container deployment in k8s cluster. The same is explained through a case study where full-fledged Git Ops -based container deployment has been achieved using the latest technologies, where...
Catapulting a New Era of Telecom Service

Aug 13, 2021

Seamless Distributed Cloud Experience, with IBM

Rajesh Venkatachalam Head of HCL IBM Ecosystem Unit

The rapid evolution of networking, from localized on-site configurations to hybrid cloud services architecture has empowered business operations with every iteration. Despite the natural operational advantages on offer, the pace of adoption has been...
Application Migration Decision Tree

Jul 28, 2021

Migration to M365/O365: A Decision Tree

Subhasis Karmakar Senior Technical Manager, Digital & Analytics

Enterprises have hastened their cloud deployment plans with a desire to equip their office-based workers, who turned into remote workers overnight, with technologies to support agile work. Thus they intend to undergo cloud migration, whether from on...
Catapulting a New Era of Telecom Service
In this blog, Rajesh talks about IBM Cloud for Telecommunications how it fulfills the current and future needs of telecom providers. It combines IBM’s expertise in the telecommunications domain and experience in building industry-specific...

Oct 12, 2020

Modernizing the Legacy File System - VSAM to RDBMS

Antony Dasan Arravindh Group Project Manager, Digital & Analytics

With an increasing demand for migrating or modernizing application that uses legacy file systems such as VSAM, it is becoming imperative to convert the files to RDBMS. It not only helps to manage the data effectively but also reduces the cost of...
Partner Success
RISE is SAP’s offer of a “full fat” SAP S/4HANA system hosted on a hyperscaler with subscription licenses. While the pros and cons of the Public Cloud Edition are well known, RISE leverages the Private Cloud Edition, with a full-scale SAP S/4HANA...
DevOps Tools and Technologies to Manage Microservices

Aug 14, 2020

DevOps Tools and Technologies to Manage Microservices

Siddharth Barahalikar Lead Consultant, Digital & Analytics

Microservices architecture along with DevOps tools gave a new perspective to software development by the integration of development, management, and operations. In DevOps practice, it can be challenging to know which tools/technologies should be...
Factors such as product underutilization, poor implementation, and limited knowledge contribute to the overall ineffectiveness of asset management. Therefore, the utilities are looking to improve their asset management system for tighter integration...
World of corporate actions

Mar 17, 2021

World of corporate actions

Vimal Jain Senior Business Specialist, Delivery Practice

Corporate actions are organized events which gets decided in company’s annual general meeting before announced through a stock exchange. These events often bring material changes to a company through changes to the capital structure as well as...
Application modernization

Nov 27, 2020

Challenges of Legacy Application Modernization

Shyam Kumar Sundarakumar Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Many organizations that carry heavy legacy baggage, are faced with many challenges running their legacy technology-based applications with many risks like reduced skill-availability, technology obsolescence etc. This article provides a brief insight...
Cloud Native Labs

May 15, 2020

HCL Cloud Native Labs: Infusing resilience into businesses


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented businesses with the truest test of resilience and determination in the history of the digital age. Businesses know that it is only a thin line between a “resilient” and a “also ran” organization. How they respond...
Nimble and Efficient
‘Single-purpose’ software served as a much-needed breakthrough in enterprise software development. Such software manifested themselves on central systems wherein information was collated across business functions to enable actionable decision-...
Insurance Peak

Mar 04, 2020

SWIFT migration to ISO 20022 messages

Ishaq Basha Mohammed Senior Business Analyst

Is your bank ready to adopt ISO 20022? ISO 20022 is a messaging standard for exchanging information between financial institutions. To this date it has been adopted by over 70 countries, primarily for real-time payments and is poised to become the...
Preeti Sharma

Agile Documentation - An Insight
Preeti Sharma - Practice Director | September 2, 2015


What it takes to implement DevOps Environment
Sanjay Kumar - Solution Head | September 2, 2015

There is so much focus on improving release to production cycle in the last 18 months or so. I assume all of us know why?

Row Level Security in SQL
Pramod Kumar Singh | January 29, 2015

Row Level Security

Row Level Security is the mechanism to set different access levels over data in any table for different Users/Security Groups. Row Level Security can be implemented at database, cube (SSAS) and report level. SSAS/Cube security is based on the attribute level i.e., row level at the database.