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Cloud Migration

Jul 13, 2020

Is Cloud Migration Evolving as an Essential Strategy?

Manish Samal Senior Management Trainee, Digital & Analytics

The worldwide disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has strengthened the importance of being an Agile business more than ever before. Enterprises have started accepting this “new normal” to make their business continuity plan more...
Nuances of Enterprise Platforms

Jul 13, 2020

Grasping the Nuances of Enterprise Platforms in the Digital Economy

Sudhakar KR Senior Enterprise Architect, Digital & Analytics

Digital platforms have become an entrenched part of our lives today. We use them on a daily basis for personal (Uber, Airbnb), engineering (AWS, GCP, Azure), entertainment (YouTube, Netflix), and social (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) purposes. Each...
Customer Experience Transformation

Jul 13, 2020

The Right Way of Approaching Customer Experience Transformation

Tushar Aggarwal Business Manager, Digital & Analytics

In the age of the modern, hyper-connected world, customers are increasingly evolving in consciousness and their expectations. Today customers are getting more and more entwined with businesses through several channels and touchpoints. The trend of...
Rethinking Supply Chain Practices to Tackle Global Pandemics
Businesses have always worked toward building a resilient supply chain, but the scenario imposed by COVID-19 has exposed a lot of supply chain gaps and supply chain processes and also impacted digitalization and digital technologies. It’s tragic to...
Platform Economy
If the COVID-19 pandemic had any clear telling on our civilization, then it must be the digital manifestation of everyday life. From groceries to classrooms and music concerts, everything that we can experience is being enabled by a digital platform...
How digitization and data
Less than a decade ago, shopping malls were the bustling hubs of commerce but the growth of e-commerce and home delivery has changed that rapidly. By 2021, more than 2 billion customers are expected to make online purchases globally. In today’s...

Jul 07, 2020

Agile Architecture - The Unicorn Realized

Raghavendra Dani Senior Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics

The number of companies adopting the Agile methodology today is growing exponentially by the day.
Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity Planning - An amalgamation of the right technology stack, agile organization culture, and proper disaster recovery strategy. A strategy that not only involves planning around the technology but also ensures that all the aspects...
Hybrid Cloud Cost Optimization
CIOs and CTOs are looking to the cloud solutions for cost Optimization and adopting the Hybrid Cloud solutions. The agile ways of working along with consumption-based cloud models help the organizations to reduce the overall cost and same can be...
Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity Planning - An amalgamation of the right technology stack, agile organization culture, and proper disaster recovery strategy. A strategy that not only involves planning around the technology but also ensures that all the aspects...
Insurance Perspective

Jun 05, 2020

Resilient Omnichannel Customer Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Insurance Perspective

Neeraj Prasad Chief Operating Officer, HCL Insurance Business Services (IBS)

Today, as a technology organization, we know that omnichannel customer service systems can be developed and launched in as little as 8 weeks. These systems can help prop up back-office operations, help enterprises engage with their customer and...
Digital Blueprints
Most of the customers would typically know if they need to have a digital transformation initiative but miss knowing the “how” part of it and that is answered by the blueprints.
In this era of agility where “Time-to-Market” is one of the key factors for driving any kind of business growth, VMware has come out with a strategy to facilitate multi-cloud governance and management of applications across various environments....
Experience Matters

Nov 20, 2017

Supporting the next-generation digital workplaces

Rakshit Ghura Vice President & Global Head - Digital Workplace Services

Workplace analytics can shine a light on how the various components of the IT infrastructure impact a user’s experience, giving unprecedented insight into how healthy the workplace is in equipping a user to perform their job role.
Agile and Devops

Sep 26, 2018

How to successfully Scale Agile and DevOps - Part 1

Meshach Samuel Europe Solution Head, Digital & Analytics Practice

Agile and DevOps have truly become mainstream. As a result, many organizations have struggled to scale up operations with these methods. Firms relied on these platforms as a critical revenue generator since it managed high volume transactions for...
What does a 21st Century Enterprise Look Like?
A friend of mine was very worried the other day. His son, based in Toronto, had just informed him that he was transferring his savings from one of Canada’s largest and most established banks to one that had virtually no physical presence.
Getting Organization Change Management
Today’s business environment rapidly changes due to emerging technologies, shifting user expectations, evolving regulatory standards, and so on. These factors often lead to organizational changes to achieve business goals. That said, the traditional...

Hybrid Multicloud as a Future
Yogesh S - Global Engagement Manager, Digital & Analytics | July 16, 2020

In the face of ceaseless technological adjustments and economic uncertainties, enterprises across industries must acknowledge that cloud will mount the future. The derived agility and flexibility from the adoption of cloud have impacted every business directly or indirectly to develop applications and deliver services. While studies suggest a rise in the adoption of cloud, they also question the possibility of a cloud-only future. 

It is easy to guess that enterprises that adopt cloud computing commonly stick to one cloud provider. However, several studies suggest that a large number of companies have implemented a multicloud strategy to meet their challenging business needs. This means that they have taken more than one cloud service from different providers. 

The benefits gained from multicloud configurations are laudable and have given rise to the hybrid multicloud approach. A hybrid cloud is a model where enterprises embrace a mix of public cloud and on-premise and deploy services from two or more cloud providers, which is essentially what a multicloud approach is. Various use cases of hybrid cloud service strongly uphold the impetus behind its deployment and potential impact on the cloud environment. With more number of cloud providers supporting hybrid multicloud environments, there will be a rise of hybrid cloud users in the space. The larger motive of adopting hybrid multicloud is to enable enterprises to move from on-premise to cloud-native computing. Read more on how HCL is enabling enterprises to adopt a hybrid multicloud environment here.

Leveraging Digitalization for Sustainability
Rashmi Gupta - Project Manager, Digital & Analytics | July 15, 2020

The pandemic has restricted human interaction required for the world to work normally. But there is a silver lining in this dire situation called digitalization. People have found a way to balance social distancing and work/business using virtual platforms and other digital solutions. Intense changes brought on by COVID-19 have pushed us to make digital transformation a reality. This is how we have been carrying on with life as usual.

But digital transformation has its own surprises.The average consumer isn't the only one using popular digital communication channels and platforms. Entire industries are now trying to capitalize on them as well, in order to help them survive.

What are those industries doing and what are the other hidden advantages that digital transformation has to offer? Highlighted in this blog post are some of the benefits, and how they are being leveraged to sustain humanity in a particularly isolating era. Read more here.

Where RPA could go wrong during process assessment
Rohit Chaturvedi - Associate Manager, RPA | July 14, 2020

Leveraging business process redesign/re-engineering along with process improvement methodologies keeping human touchpoints in the ‘to be’ design with exceptional edge cases during the assessment stage would help in bringing the operational efficiencies expected out of an RPA solution. This approach helps in rectifying the inherent inefficiencies within a process before delving into an RPA implementation. As a rule of thumb, the business stakeholders should be made aware of the potential change request cost estimates which might arise due to a frequently changing process as part of the assessment report. If the process changes rapidly the process touchpoints where the changes finally impact need to be clearly elicited