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The businesses that survived and even prospered during the pandemic embraced digital transformation. This is especially true of retail establishments. Microsoft Cloud for Retail provides the foundation for the digital transformation of retailers,…

Jun 14, 2021

Combating Digital Risks


Kaustubh Chaturvedi, Senior Executive, Cybersecurity Practice

Digital transformation and hyper-connected enterprise architectures are not new and have been around for more than a decade. Enter the pandemic and something has changed – it is now slowly becoming the status quo. It is the increased importance (now…
Telco’s are yet to develop clear strategies on how to use MEC ecosystem players to establish a stronger proposition in the edge market, move up the value chain and play a role beyond hosting infrastructure and delivering connectivity. The complex…

Jun 08, 2021

Digital Risk Protection for Enhancing IT Security


Syam Thommandru, CyberSecurity Product Management

The year 2020 has been life-changing for all - from businesses to the common man. Everyone and everything went virtual, increasing the perimeters and opportunities for cyber incursions. The threat landscape not only expanded, but it also evolved at…

Jun 02, 2021

DataOps for a Retail Giant through Data Operations and DevOps


Anantha Bhat, Senior Solution Architect, Digital & Analytics

Organizations have been managing data on premises for a long time and they are now in the process of modernizing their data management initiatives by shifting to the Cloud. However, modern enterprises have reached a point now where the quantity,…

Jun 02, 2021

Specifics of Building Solutions in Government Commercial Cloud (Azure)


Sushil Varma, Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics

The Government Commercial Cloud (GCC) service brings the modern innovations and capabilities of commercial cloud computing platforms to sensitive Government organizations. The multinational conglomerates like Microsoft, Amazon, and Google are…

Jun 01, 2021

The New Essential for Enterprises - Accelerated Digital Transformation


Vijay Guntur, Corporate Vice President, Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)

From e-commerce to EdTech, from streaming platforms to collaboration tools, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the world has taken many strides towards ensuring and enhancing human life, with Digital Technologies playing the lead role! However, these…

Jun 01, 2021

A distinct line between tech adoption and digital transformation


Darren Doyle, Associate Vice President - Digital Consulting, Digital & Analytics

Over the last few months, many organizations found themselves forced to make the switch to remote operations and adopt a slew of digital technologies across the business, as they attempted to navigate the sudden, COVID-19-induced reality of social…

May 31, 2021

How CIOs are Leading from the Front in a Post-COVID-19 World


Vineet Shukla, Head – Middle East & Turkey

CIOs who are able to effectively nurture internal change within their organizations are poised to successfully ride the wave of digitization that has come to define business in a post-COVID world. This reimagining of what CIOs are now capable of…