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Mar 09, 2023

Exploring AI-Driven Transformations in the Financial Services Industry


Sugata Gupta, Senior Vice President, Digital Process Operations

In this blog series, we will explore multiple dimensions of AI’s impact on the industry and what it means for financial services organizations embarking on their AI adoption journey. In this blog post, we shall look at the key drivers of AI in the…

Mar 02, 2023

Energizing Business Processes with Integration-Led Automation


Kamal Kumar Agrawal, Delivery Leader, Digital Transformation Practice

In this digital era, businesses are constantly modernizing their infrastructures and processes to not only optimize value and reduce costs, but to also future-proof themselves.
Data has emerged as the lifeline for business across verticals, domains, or industries. From accelerating business intelligence to forecasting, decision-making, and more, the applications of data in businesses are constantly growing, both in depth…
It is an established truth that emerging technologies will reshape the mortgage space, and to unlock value at scale, lenders must proactively incorporate a digital culture. Enterprises must emphasize business process outsourcing to move into a…
“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Theodore Edward Hook, English playwright, and novelist
Recent global disruptions have accelerated the digitization of financial services (FS). Many financial institutions globally, including loan and mortgage organizations, had to demonstrate resiliency and adapt fast to meet evolving customer…

Oct 06, 2022

Why Central and Eastern European is an attractive captive market


Jesper Kristensen, Associate Vice President, Digital Process Operations

Within the business services industry, captive centers have emerged as a key segment for growth.

Aug 16, 2022

Placing comprehensive integration strategy at the heart of business process automation


Kamal Kumar Agrawal, Delivery Leader, Digital Transformation Practice

Cloud computing has become a critical tool in enterprise digital transformation.

Jul 14, 2022

Solving the Engagement Equation: Happy Employees = Happy Customers


Jane Lawrence, General Manager Operations Learning & Development

When it comes to an organization’s success, employee experience is a perennially crucial contributing factor. Customer satisfaction is the corollary of employee satisfaction and the success of these two underpins the success of an organization.