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Healthcare Provider/Payer Solutions
The yearly spending on healthcare by US is more than $3 trillion and it will touch $5 trillion in 2025, per industry reports. Fraud, waste, and Abuse in healthcare is not an unknown problem, even the magnitude of problem is not known in entirety....
The rise of services augmented by AI

Dec 01, 2017

The rise of services augmented by AI

Dhinesh Muthuvel Global Engagement Manager

The AI scene has picked up pace over the last few years with recent developments in areas such as Deep learning, Text Analytics and Natural language Generation which has already been embraced by leading tech companies in the world, impacting...
As the AML landscape is rapidly changing, the financial service companies moving towards automation by adapting RegTech.
Big Data
Insurance Industry is replete with Data and Big Data Analytics helps insurers determine and foresee the risks based on the Data garnered across departments and from a wide spectrum of sources viz., customer Interactions and Social media, Government...
Blockchain Technology
Even the much acclaimed digital journey converges to leveraging modern technologies like blockchain that would completely transform the way we do businesses. Blockchain, a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) underpins bitcoin technology and has...
Data driven decision making in the banking industry
In today’s banking landscape, business is driven by data. Data provides valuable insights for businesses to focus on key areas that need valuable resources such as people and money. 
An insurer needs to deepen the use of technology by embracing growing trends like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Chat bots and SMAC to ensure the above mentioned process improvements enable a smooth journey for the customer.
financial services
The pace of digital change is about to accelerate exponentially, however, with the integration of AI, robotics, blockchain, open banking APIs and the internet of things. The smarter use of data, combination of non-financial and financial solutions,...
financial inclusion
Financial inclusion is the ability to deliver basic financial services such as savings, payments, credit, and insurance to individuals and businesses in a manner that is affordable to them through policies, procedures, and tools that are sustainable...
The future of Digital Banking and Lending
Banks must combine digital advancement with human contact to enhance customer experience. Legacy applications need to be replaced by modern solutions like robo-advisors. The end goal is to increase trust and customer satisfaction
Harnessing data analytics

Sep 16, 2016

Harnessing data analytics to enhance customer experience and reduce churn

Anil Ganjoo Corporate Vice President, Telecom, Media & Entertainment

This blog underlines how CSPs can use analytics tools to glean actionable insights on subscriber behavior and engagement, for personalizing products and services, and thereby, converting customers into brand ambassadors
Data Sciences
Lack of data visibility is consistently blocking the upswing in customer trust. Find out, why we believe pharma can deploy Data Science ‘as-a-Service’ to push retention rates for clinical trials.
With the rise of applications like Blockchain and technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning and robots; the entire array of transactions, customer interactions, on-boarding or functions like preventing fraud are getting...
Most people today want to start planning for their retirement life in their early 30s. But the pity is most of them are getting lost in the numerous choices being offered by various pension providers. And many land up with very costly products,...

Nov 20, 2018

How the Future of Banking Will Look Like

Vikas Bansal Regional Sales Director

The current prevalence of digital banking is largely focused on the Customer Acquisition and Customer Experience domains. In future, this will evolve to a more holistic ‘financial wellbeing’ focus with banks potentially becoming utility players...
Sense and Respond
The Sense and Respond framework for responsive supply chain management leverages the enhanced operational visibility and added intelligence to deal with exceptions quickly, prevent firefighting and escalated the cost of operations. This leads to the...
Customer Contact Center Automation
The challenges for contact centers are immense. However contact centers of today can overcome these challenges, provided they stay ahead of the innovation curve and evolve to stay relevant with time. The key is to make the best use of both human...
 Cellular Operators
5G is expected to stir a revolution that will cater to the massive data thirst in the coming decade. This is where mobile cellular operators are expected to take a significant slice of the pie. This blog takes a look at where the cellular operators...

‘Store Digitization’ – the solution to bridge the digital gap between customers and stores
Madhusudhan Kandula - Associate Business Manager – HCL Retail & CPG Consulting | December 26, 2017

To deal with knowledgeable digital customers, stores should not think twice in adopting digital tools. But a proper assessment has to be done to choose the right digitizing services because every retailer need is different and also every initiative has its own ROI. HCL Business Consulting has developed a framework - ‘Store Digitization framework’ which can help retailers in assessing their store digital needs and to choose initiatives based on ROI estimates.

How CDOs Can Become Chief ‘Differentiating’ Officers for Retail Organizations
Soumyajyoti Sinha Ray - Global Engagement Manager, Digital, Retail & CPG Industries | December 21, 2017

Retailers need to focus on integrating digital into all aspects of the business – from channels and processes and data to the operating model, incentives, and culture. This journey to digital nirvana needs a visionary leader who can leverage technology to drive transformation and help the retailer differentiate from its competitors.

How Digital Transformation can improve the Retailing Experience
Anup Sharma - Deputy General Manager – Retail and Consumer Product Goods (RCPG) | December 20, 2017

Digital Transformation has come up as a major disruption, forcing Retailer across formats and demography to adopt to key elements of this massive change. New age consumers are becoming more and more reliant on social media and mobile devices especially for their retail choices. This is resulting in consumer becoming more demanding in terms of user experience. Secondly, influx of multiple non-traditional channels is increasing the consumer data at rapid pace. In this context technologies like Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Intelligence are becoming critical in analyzing, interpreting and giving better shopping experience to end users.