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Digital Transformation
There are no more digital customers. They are now digitally connected customers and in fact they are connected with an average of 4 devices. This digital revolution has introduced a phenomenal change in the way the customers shop, supporting them...
Fog Computing is a horizontal capability that complements both cloud and edge computing. The theme is generally directed at tapping into services accessible from devices, such as payments, increasing personalized offers and retaining customers who...
Technology at the Rescue
The miniscule traceability of the illicit transactions and hefty fines on financial institutions are attributable to imitations of traditional financial and AML systems. Also, it is an indication of systemic breach of trust on which the business of...
Pillars of the Digital Lab

Dec 11, 2017

Pillars of the Digital Lab

Anthony Camisa DGM, Life Sciences Consulting

Pillar of digital lab is defined as a foundational elements which will be leveraged to design the future labs. These labs will be highly cost effective, produce better quality results, reduce errors, and instantly provide compliance for regulatory...
Blockchain a technology which facilitates temper free movement and transfer of physics assets by putting all the transactions on a public digital ledger will impact all facets of the LSH paradigm. The paper captures the top implications of...
FinTech disrupts every nook and cranny of the Financial Services Industry, and companies which adopt these emerging technologies like Big Data, BlockChain and IOT will up the ante and have a prime-mover advantage compared to their peers in the...
GDPR is not a one off exercise and compliance will be an ongoing exercise with a combination of process and IT changes required and GDPR compliance after the implementation date continuously monitored.

Dec 04, 2017

Blockchain goes beyond Financial Services

Subramanian Murukesan Senior Solutions Architect, Digital & Analytics

Digital currency (Bitcoin) has taken the financial world by storm. Banks see the underpinning technology — blockchain — as useful. Blockchain could revolutionize healthcare. Patients will have control over their data and the technology could even...
Medical Devices
The implementation of the Unique Device Identifier (UDI) for medical devices has paved the way to a series of new technologies and systems that can be used to track the newly manufactured medical devices. In the event of a manufacturing defect...
Enabling OTT Landscape

Aug 02, 2016

The Future of Content Consumption: Navigating the OTT Landscape

Anil Ganjoo Corporate Vice President, Telecom, Media & Entertainment

Over the top providers have shifted content consumption patterns creating an epochal shift in the Media & entertainment industry. Can the industry catch up with customer expectations?
Reasons to Engage an Agile
Successful organizations and smart employees often don’t see the need to change or struggle with reaching a consensus on what and how to change. Assessing and replacing old habits challenge the employees’ power structures and often, involving a...
Aligning Infrastructure with the Publishing Value Chain
On one hand, publishing is grappling with diminishing margins, non-linear explosion of content, and fickle brand loyalty; on the other hand, publishing has tremendous opportunity to transform with digitization and gear toward a collaborated,...
Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM)
Digital healthcare enterprises today leverage data, are experience centric and outcome driven, and are keen on innovating. However, the key element that will determine the future of healthcare is consumer empowerment. RPM is a classic example of how...

Oct 16, 2018

Evolution of Manufacturing Enterpises and Industry 4.0

Arindam Sen Director, Manufacturing Solutions

Industry 4.0 manufacturing framework has been conceptualized to take the idea of extended enterprise ahead. It breaks the silos within the organization and with the help of cyber physical systems, it takes the collaboration activity and visibility...
Robo Advisors in Finance

Jul 05, 2016

FinTech Trends: Robots in Financial Services

Santosh Kumar Head – Fintech innovation

Banks all over the world are using robot financial advisors to automate repetitive tasks, and to provide 24x7 service that cannot be supplied by manual labor. Using artificial intelligence (AI), millennials are bringing sci-fi to the branch floor
Reinventing Wealth Management
Combining the human touch of an experienced financial advisor with ease, scalability, and speed offered by robo-advisor platform can be a powerful combination for an advisor’s practice model.
Distributed Ledger Technology
The technological inventions like Distributed Ledger Technology has enabled the digitalization of real currency. But are the financial institutions really ready to embrace them?

Changing face of Data Management in the Financial Services
Swaminathan Nagarajan - ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT | January 12, 2018

The proliferation of customer identifiable data (CID) processed by financial firms drives increased scrutiny of practices to ensure end-customer rights. These regulations impose obligations and penalties for non-compliance on the treatment of customer data, storage, distribution, and access. The user’s data access changes based on location. There is a hard requirement to lock down customer identifiable data (CID) with infrastructural, regional, and services and people- based boundaries using compliant policies.

Big Data Analytics in Retail - A sneak peek into disruption potential
Ravindra Chengala - Manager, CB-Business Consulting-BC-RCPG | January 11, 2018

Retailers must offer personalized services to customers and tap into the deluge of data. The scope of predictive analysis is extending beyond metrics like wallet share. Rolling out jaw-dropping offers is not needed now; churning Big Data is.

CVS Health’s Acquisition of Aetna: Rise of Community Based Health Care
Himanshukumar Singh - Global Engagement Manager – Healthcare Sales Support | January 11, 2018

CVS Health’s recent acquisition of Aetna is a blockbuster deal. The two entities will join together to take on companies like Amazon, which is rapidly spreading its wings. CVS can now position itself as a one-stop platform for healthcare solutions.