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Digitize and Delight
Retailers must reimagine in-store experiences for customers by embracing digital technology. With proper digitization, they can provide personalized consumer engagements and in turn drastically improve the chances of a final sale. This also results...
Healthcare Challenges addressed by Blockchain

Jan 18, 2018

Healthcare Challenges addressed by Blockchain

Siloni Batra Senior Executive, Application Modernization & Cloud Services, HCL Technologies

The healthcare industry is ahead when it comes to reaping benefits of the blockchain. The technology will help address several of the problems faced today. Several organizations have already begun the journey to adopt the blockchain in their...
Data Management in the Financial Services
The proliferation of customer identifiable data (CID) processed by financial firms drives increased scrutiny of practices to ensure end-customer rights. These regulations impose obligations and penalties for non-compliance on the treatment of...
Big Data Analytics in Retail
Retailers must offer personalized services to customers and tap into the deluge of data. The scope of predictive analysis is extending beyond metrics like wallet share. Rolling out jaw-dropping offers is not needed now; churning Big Data is.
CVS Health’s
CVS Health’s recent acquisition of Aetna is a blockbuster deal. The two entities will join together to take on companies like Amazon, which is rapidly spreading its wings. CVS can now position itself as a one-stop platform for healthcare solutions....
Internet Of Things

Jan 10, 2018

How IoT will Revolutionize Supply Chain Management

Pranav Kumar Tayal PROJECT MANAGER – Supply Chain Practice, HCL

The combination of mobile computing, analytics, and cloud services, all of which are powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how delivery and fulfillment companies are conducting their operations. It helps beyond the obvious supply chain...
Data Management

Jan 10, 2018

Master Data Management in Aerospace & Defense: The Way Forward

Roy.T.Davis Industry Principal, Aerospace & Defense

As the volume of structured and unstructured data across your enterprise landscape continues to explode, ensuring real-time access to high-quality master data for your various stakeholders will be crucial. A failure to do so will hinder your ability...
In this blog we explain how the once key skills, which ruled the retail sector are becoming obsolete. Advertising, PR, Market Surveys, Pricing, Branding, Supply Chain Management, the pillars of retail industry which were dominated by people...
Security breaches and centralized data storage endanger the healthcare industry. Healthcare also faces the challenge of saturation in potential cost savings. Blockchain could be an answer to the industry's woes.
Omni Channel Experience
A 21st Century organization’s ability to create a winning customer experience is an interplay of manifestation of Omni-channel capabilities over channels and the speed at which an organization can adapt to evolving consumer preferences
Automotive ECU Linkage

Feb 03, 2020

How Automotive ECU Linkage for better Track and Trace can save the day

Venkata “Raj” Parchuri AVP and Industry Principal Manufacturing Vertical

Product recall is an expensive proposition for the automotive sector. A solution based on blockchain consortium eliminates this issue by providing a comprehensive ledger version at a VIN level across the automotive value chain. Comprehensive...
The future of any customer-centric organization is now dependent on its capability to measure consumer reactions across touchpoints. This blog explores the marketers' conundrum in a multichannel environment and provides the success blueprint.
From manufacturers to warehouses and hospitals to homes, RFID adds visibility to the healthcare supply chain and could become an important tool in empowering the sector to meet the demands of practicing modern medicine
As complete risk prevention is not possible, financial institutions need to be more vigilant towards risk events and reduce their impact. IT firms can provide the solutions by designing risk models which detect risk event when they take place and...
CPG and Retail
By promising improved personalization and loyalty benefits in return for shopper data, retail and consumer goods companies can incentivize customers to share valuable information that can be harnessed to refine targeting, thus boosting ROI and brand...
Emerging Startups
In the recent past, a number of healthcare blockchain start-ups have emerged. These start-ups have found themselves a place in  the healthcare space; for instance, PokitDok and Patientory which focus  on the EMR space and Gem which focuses...
A reflection of global changes
Looking at news , and finding yet another retailer shutting down few stores and declaring bankruptcy is new normal, which makes us think about future of retail. To think of it, the consumption patterns may change , but consumption and trade – both...
All Script

Jun 11, 2018

Allscripts' acquisition of HealthGrid

Himanshukumar Singh Global Engagement Manager

The blog examines the following aspects of Allscripts’ acquisition of HealthGrid: What does this deal mean to Allscripts and how it is going to foster Allscripts’ market position in healthcare industry? How this deal would impact Allscripts’...

A Peek into Augmented Reality
Arindam Sen - Director, Manufacturing Solutions | June 18, 2018

Augmented reality as a technology brings about a digital transformation in the physical world through images, text, and 3D models. An important aspect of AR is to superimpose the information which it collects from an IoT device on the same device in a manner in which the consumer can consume the information in a meaningful and effortless manner. It has been predicted that the AR market will reach $56.8 billion by 2020. Let’s discuss some use cases of AR: The Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (CPERI), a research organization, has deployed AR for plant start-up procedures where an operator can complete a task much faster than usual. Further, Comau, which is a part of the Fiat group, has enabled an AR-powered system to help a user assemble a robot wrist in lesser time and with fewer errors in comparison to the standard parameters without the use of AR. Although AR has come a long way, it has challenges ranging from expensive hardware and non-availability of AR content. Recently, at a workshop conducted by Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), 65 organizations came together to offer insight into the challenges of AR and create a guideline development process. It has been predicted that this will help create a roadmap for the future and evaluate AR solutions before deploying them. The guideline documents AR features such as hardware which comprises of connectivity, battery life, onboard system, storage, and environmental aspects. It also includes software such as authoring, 3D content, IoT, and creation of 3D content.

Digital twins: Bridging the gap between industrial assets and the digital world
Arindam Sen - Director, Manufacturing Solutions | June 15, 2018

One of Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017, digital twins aim to transform the virtual landscape. Many research firms are optimistic about its development, predicting that by 2018, companies who will invest in digital twin technology will see a 30% improvement in their cycle times of critical processes. It has all the real-time performance, sensor, and inspection data. Alongside this, it is also associated with the history of the configuration changes, parts replacement, and warranty data, leading to reduced lifecycle ownership cost of the asset and valuable product intelligence for superior product innovation.
Considered an IoT-fuelled business case, this technology trend will require data from various enterprise systems, such as product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and service lifecycle management (SLM). Apart from these core developments, its solution will also result in a digital representation of factories and environments, which includes a detailed demonstration of the physical world for simulation, analysis, and control. This will lead to a virtual representation of the failures, enabling substantial improvements in costs and cycle times.

Allscripts' acquisition of HealthGrid
Himanshukumar Singh - Global Engagement Manager – Healthcare Sales Support | June 11, 2018

The blog examines the following aspects of Allscripts’ acquisition of HealthGrid:

  • What does this deal mean to Allscripts and how it is going to foster Allscripts’ market position in healthcare industry?
  • How this deal would impact Allscripts’ business and current offerings?
  • Impact of the deal on healthcare industry and its cascading effect on customers