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In This Clouded World, What If It Rains

Jul 18, 2017

In this Clouded World, What if it Rains?

Yatindra Mahajan Practice Head – Networks and Contact Center Services

Cloud adoption necessitates network policy revamp. HCL’s Transport Independence Site framework accommodates changing traffic patterns that traditional WAN architectures are unable to support. 
Cloud Computing Era

Jul 03, 2017

Start-ups and Their Relevance in the Cloud Computing Era

Ankit Sharma Assistant Manager, ETO Exploration

The success of start-ups like Airbnb highlighted the importance of asset-light and platform-centric business models. Today, their need for agile technology is fueling the demand for cloud computing.
Design Thinking for Communications
The changes in Digital Communication & Collaboration (C&C) are dictated primarily by the needs of the current generation (Gen-Z). The contemporary generation is mobile, cloud-friendly, and digitally social; it believes in economy of...
XaaS world

Jun 12, 2017

Where Is CMDB In The Xaas World?

Prafull Verma Fellow & Practice Leader - Unified Services

CMDB and SCDB have several intrinsic differences, however, in a conventional enterprise landscape, both manage separate requirements. The rise of ‘As a Service’ model and the growing influence of Cloud adoption, could possibly result in the decline...
Disaster Recovery
A robust disaster recovery solution is critical to healthcare. Business-IT collaboration and a sound investment in the correct IT service provider can enable a quick and effective response. 
Living Beautifully in Connected World

Jun 05, 2017

Living beautifully in a connected world

Kimberly Rose AVP & Regional CTO (Americas)

A smart home is at the crux of the Digital City – using IoT devices to simplify cooking, driving, and even sleeping. The first blog in a series of three imagines life in a world of ‘living’ devices.
business transformation

May 23, 2017

Flash Storage could be the answer to poor app performance

Sriram Gopal K. Senior Manager ,Next Gen Data Centers

Flash storage is set to trigger unprecedented ripples across the infrastructure landscape – pushing outmoded systems into obsolescence and harnessing computing power like never before – touching conglomerates, small businesses, and end-users as well.
Edge Computing

May 22, 2017

Edge Computing: An Upcoming Wave

Phalgun Saraf Product Management, NGDC

An era characterized by the proliferation of data has led to surging issues in handling latency and insights for some applications.
Sophisticated Cybercrimes

May 03, 2017

Sophisticated Cybercrimes Call for Security Start-ups, Service Integrators

Madhur Chawla Group Manager, Enterprise Technology Office

Recent cyberattacks worth millions in damage have compelled a global security transformation. Protection tools from start-ups (led by AI and ML) need vibrant SI partnerships for As-a-Service delivery. 
Digital Workplace

Jul 02, 2018

Promoting Wearables driven Employee Wellness Programs in the Digital Workplace

Rakshit Ghura Vice President & Global Head - Digital Workplace Services

Wearables Inclusive Employee Welfare Programs provide a vast range of information that can be used for many purposes. Averting accidents and improving the overall health of employees are the primary focus areas around which these programs are...
Salt Stack
Configuration management is a standard process that formulates the procedures to automate the delivery and operation of infrastructure along with continuous monitoring at a faster rate. It also leverages the ability of a system to continuously track...
Framework Led Approach
Technology evaluation is a continuous effort and push of enterprises to ensure relevance and adding value to the business. For an enterprise, current technology and business landscape assessment is the starting point to evaluate the maturity and...
Living Beautifully in Connected World

Jun 05, 2017

Living beautifully in a connected world

Kimberly Rose AVP & Regional CTO (Americas)

A smart home is at the crux of the Digital City – using IoT devices to simplify cooking, driving, and even sleeping. The first blog in a series of three imagines life in a world of ‘living’ devices.
Aligning Infrastructure with the Publishing Value Chain
On one hand, publishing is grappling with diminishing margins, non-linear explosion of content, and fickle brand loyalty; on the other hand, publishing has tremendous opportunity to transform with digitization and gear toward a collaborated,...
Software Defined Infrastructure :Why the CIO is still relevant
Despite the initial adoption challenges, Software Defined Infrastructure is being considered as one of the biggest bets for CIOs. Read more.

May 16, 2018

Containers: A New Evolution in Data Center Technology

Kapil Tiwari Deputy General Manager - Hybrid Cloud Services

Container adoption is growing rapidly, and enterprises of all sizes are increasingly looking to invest in this technology. The significance of container will grow in the future as the end-user expectations from technology will be addressed with the...
Real-time security

May 21, 2019

Real-time Security Approach

Jaibirsingh Jaswal Senior Product Manager, NGDC

The blog describes how next-gen data center can evolve its security parameters and eliminate its vulnerabilities that exist in the Hybrid Cloud Model.
Digital Blog
‘Digital’ is all about creating customer value in an agile manner. Amidst all the channels and forms of business, digital ones are growing the fastest. This is a testimony of what the customers want today and as I write, digital expectations are...

AS/400: Hackers envy, Admin’s pride
Ravinder Pal - Head – IBM i (AS/400) Practice & Presales | April 11, 2017

Often mistaken for mainframes, AS/400 are not a mainframes, but actually a midrange system with a completely different architecture. Lets take a deeper look at AS/400.

Key Technology Trends: Which Ones Are We Tracking?
Tajeshwar Singh - Chief Architect - ITO | April 10, 2017

HCL introduces the Technology Adoption Roadmap, 2017-19’, designed to refine next-generation IT practices. The approach analyzes the potential of emerging trends evaluated via effective parameters.

Is ‘Quantum Computing’ Set to Change the World?
Madhur Chawla - Group Manager, Enterprise Technology Office | April 7, 2017

Quantum computing goes beyond 0s and 1s with qubits – rewiring the future of computing with investment in the billions, robust research practices worldwide, and recent breakthroughs like D-Wave 2000Q.