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Sophisticated Cybercrimes

May 03, 2017

Sophisticated Cybercrimes Call for Security Start-ups, Service Integrators

Madhur Chawla Group Manager, Enterprise Technology Office

Recent cyberattacks worth millions in damage have compelled a global security transformation. Protection tools from start-ups (led by AI and ML) need vibrant SI partnerships for As-a-Service delivery. 
AS/400: Hackers envy
Often mistaken for mainframes, AS/400 are not a mainframes, but actually a midrange system with a completely different architecture. Lets take a deeper look at AS/400.
Key Technology
HCL introduces the Technology Adoption Roadmap, 2017-19’, designed to refine next-generation IT practices. The approach analyzes the potential of emerging trends evaluated via effective parameters.
Quantum Computing

Apr 07, 2017

Is ‘Quantum Computing’ Set to Change the World?

Madhur Chawla Group Manager, Enterprise Technology Office

Quantum computing goes beyond 0s and 1s with qubits – rewiring the future of computing with investment in the billions, robust research practices worldwide, and recent breakthroughs like D-Wave 2000Q.
Moving to the Multi-cloud Era

Mar 27, 2017

Moving to the Multi-cloud Era

Gaurav Sharma Associate Director

Enterprises must study industry best-practices before deploying multi-cloud environments – ensuring the provider ecosystem is aligned to cost capabilities, available skillsets, and business goalposts.
Software Defined

Jan 25, 2017

Davos 2017: Nine Notes for AI Mavens

Kalyan Kumar B CVP & CTO, HCL Technologies

The infinite possibilities of AI, from resolving social inequalities to unlocking new, ‘human’ employment opportunities, dominated the discussions at WEF 2017 – highlighting the need for social transformation that’s in-sync with the AI revolution.
Fourth Industrial Revolution
What makes the Fourth industrial revolution distinct from the previous three is a lively debate topic  amongst academics to ascertain if it is a revolution by itself or just a continuation of the third one. Academic discussions aside, for mere...

Nov 23, 2016

Embracing the future with SD WAN

Mohsin Khan Product Manager

Enterprise branch networks are critical. It’s not surprising that they are the focus of the enterprise network infrastructure. Organizations struggle to make applications available at a low cost. Software-defined WAN can be regarded as a solution.

May 15, 2018

Futureproofing Software Defined Network for New Digital Age

Ashish Gunwal Product Manager – Next Generation Network Services, HCL

Conventional network architectures don’t provide the necessary flexibility for these new-age business requirements. A myriad of dynamic changes brought to fore by new-age digital revolution and a new approach to Software-Defined Network are...
Way Forward
As organizations worldwide continue to accelerate their pace towards cloud adoption, the question in everyone’s mind is ‘How’? Hybrid cloud is considered as the future instead of going the completely private or the completely public cloud way....
NVMe Next Generation

Jul 11, 2018

Is NVMe Next Generation Storage Technology?

Nityanand N Associate General Manager

IT infrastructure budgets are not growing at the pace of data growth and are under tremendous pressure to maximize returns on infrastructure. Hence, enterprises have to rethink how data is captured, preserved, accessed and transformed. Performance,...
Revolutionizing the Payment Ecosystem
To bring innovation, security, and competition to the fore, the European payment market decided to revisit the Payment Services Directive (PSD). It is widely expected that PSD2 will drive the creation of new business models and prove to be an agent...
Aligning Infrastructure with the Publishing Value Chain
On one hand, publishing is grappling with diminishing margins, non-linear explosion of content, and fickle brand loyalty; on the other hand, publishing has tremendous opportunity to transform with digitization and gear toward a collaborated,...
Software Defined Storage
Know how storage modernization has become essential for the enterprises to become future proof in the long run with pressure to reduce infrastructure footprints and traditional consumption models.
Cloud Computing Era

Jul 03, 2017

Start-ups and Their Relevance in the Cloud Computing Era

Ankit Sharma Assistant Manager, ETO Exploration

The success of start-ups like Airbnb highlighted the importance of asset-light and platform-centric business models. Today, their need for agile technology is fueling the demand for cloud computing.
Intelligent Automation
Intelligent automation software actually has an understanding of your business processes and their variations, and takes that knowledge into account when executing automated business process validation to verify that the right business outcome...
Design Thinking for Communications
The changes in Digital Communication & Collaboration (C&C) are dictated primarily by the needs of the current generation (Gen-Z). The contemporary generation is mobile, cloud-friendly, and digitally social; it believes in economy of...

Everything you need to know about Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
Sanchit Agrawal - TECHNICAL SPECIALIST, ERS-SDES-ISV-ESM | October 25, 2016

The recent buzz around Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is only matched by the ambiguity with which the term is defined. This blog provides an overview of the basic terminologies, architecture, and core functionalities around the concept of anESB oriented architecture.

FinTech Trends: Robots in Financial Services
Santosh Kumar - Senior sales director & Head – Fintech Innovation | July 5, 2016

Banks all over the world are using robot financial advisors to automate repetitive tasks, and to provide 24x7 service that cannot be supplied by manual labor. Using artificial intelligence (AI), millennials are bringing sci-fi to the branch floor

The evolution of enterprise communications
Abhinav Gupta - Product Manager, HCLISD Network Services | June 30, 2016

The next gen workforce is all about maximizing collaboration. Employees, policies, and business verticals all working together to deliver something exceptional. Effective communication will be key, the author provides you a deeper look into this.