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The New Matchmaker in the 21st Century Enterprise

Apr 18, 2016

CIO/CTO: The New Matchmaker in the 21st Century Enterprise

Andrew Guzman Vice President & CTO - Americas

There’s been a digital storm brewing around us for a while now. It’s been referred to by a variety of terms such as the Nexus of Forces, 3rd platform transformation, or the SMAC revolution, leading to an emergence of the DX economy. Through this...
Aligning Infrastructure with the Publishing Value Chain
On one hand, publishing is grappling with diminishing margins, non-linear explosion of content, and fickle brand loyalty; on the other hand, publishing has tremendous opportunity to transform with digitization and gear toward a collaborated,...
Software Defined Infrastructure :Why the CIO is still relevant
Despite the initial adoption challenges, Software Defined Infrastructure is being considered as one of the biggest bets for CIOs. Read more.
The Enterprise Workplace of the Future
The enterprise workplace of the future will be core to business strategy, ready to offer to an increasingly mobile workforce, choice in workplaces and devices.
Top Legacy Modernization Challenges & Solutions
There is significant pressure on State CIOs to streamline IT budgets, increase productivity, rationalize IT spending and improve service delivery to citizens and business customers.  Though the States have invested in new technologies, their...
Apache Storm
HDInsight: What is Storm? How do you use Storm in HDInsight? Why choose Storm over Spark streaming?
There used to be region-specific control to host the resources on Azure previously. However, with the concept of Availability Zones, preferred zones within a region can be decided to host the resources.
Connecting Remote Location
The blog talks about how hybrid cloud offers a computing environment to address challenges like latency, increased downtime and operational costs and leverages edge computing capabilities to optimize solutions with real-time connectivity options and...
Microsoft offers Azure stack which is a hybrid cloud platform that helps deliver Azure services from organization’s datacenter.
Moving to the Multi-cloud Era

Mar 27, 2017

Moving to the Multi-cloud Era

Gaurav Sharma Associate Director

Enterprises must study industry best-practices before deploying multi-cloud environments – ensuring the provider ecosystem is aligned to cost capabilities, available skillsets, and business goalposts.
IT services
As current IT consumption models fail to provide flexibility and transparency, firms are looking to deploy next-gen Pay-as-you-go programs which encompass hardware, software, services, and support.

Jan 25, 2017

Davos 2017: Nine Notes for AI Mavens

Kalyan Kumar B Corporate Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, IT Services

The infinite possibilities of AI, from resolving social inequalities to unlocking new, ‘human’ employment opportunities, dominated the discussions at WEF 2017 – highlighting the need for social transformation that’s in-sync with the AI revolution.
HCL ROAR Simplifies Billing

Jul 18, 2017

The Great Migration Has Begun!

Tarun Vaid Associate Consultant (Marketing)

The advent of cloud computing resulted in significant changes in the IT landscape. As organizations increasingly migrate towards cloud, problems around security and performance need to be resolved.