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Companies are acutely aware of the importance of digital transformation. According to HCL’s report on digital acceleration, 91% of the companies surveyed felt digital transformation is a priority, and 89% planned to invest more heavily in at least…
This blog gives an understanding on how an user guide is prepared and the steps involved in user guide preparation. It also gives an idea on the style guide rules which is followed while preparing a user guide. The user document preparation can be…
The simple concept of “Why buy something when you can just pay for usage?” has been disrupting the business model across various industries. With the increasing digital adoption around us, subscription/ as-a-service /pay-per-use models have altered…
People settle differences through a common method called Negotiation. It is a process by which agreement or compromise is reached thereby avoiding argument and dispute. When there is commitment to the contract with coverage of all aspects mutually…
Apigee is one of the acquisitions of Google that signals its intent of attracting customers with high-quality digital interactions. In recent years, as microservices are steadily gaining traction, ISV's (Independent Software Vendors) are looking to…

Aug 18, 2020

Executing Digital Strategy: The Way Forward for Business


Shobhit Kumar, Associate Vice President & Head of Digital & Application Services Business Acquisition

The British consumer is among the most digital-savvy in the world with the average Briton spending 24 hours a week online, and 62 percent of that time on a smartphone—all in a digital ecosystem.

Dec 01, 2018

Riding the Digital Wave to enable Next Generation Product Development


Narendra Pitre, Vice President and Global Delivery Lead

The digital thread is going to change our future and business models of the future. We should not be surprised if we see different prominent players dominating the market in future than the traditional or familiar names in automotive industry or to…

Nov 02, 2017

Design Thinking: Putting customer and customer experience at the core of product innovation


GH Rao, Ex-President - Engineering and R&D Services (ERS)

Successful companies are increasingly putting customers, not technology, at the heart of product design. It turns out that understanding what problems customers have and how a product can solve them is more important than simply incorporating new…

Aug 11, 2017

Fully Automated Robotic Enterprise – Can it become a reality?


Badri Narayanan Rangarajan Mangadu, Delivery Head EMEA - Consumer & Commercial Industries

A completely automated enterprise calls for machine-led functions across the board: front office, production, and back end. Read how companies are harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence for more than just repetitive tasks, and explore the…