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Visual Design

Jan 29, 2015

Visual Design vs. Usability

Rahul Ranjan Nigam Senior Designer

You must be hearing words like UX/UI/VD and it is quite fascinating that ‘Visual Design & Usability’ are hot topics in Tinsel Town these days.
Accessible User Experiences

Oct 04, 2017

Creating Accessible User Experiences

Vijay Guntur Corporate Vice President - ERS HiTech and Communications

People with Disabilities (PWD), with an estimated population of 1.3 billion globally, make up an emerging market the size of China1. With Friends and Family included (friends and family have an emotional connect with PWD, and act on the same), PWD...
User Experience
What constitutes a good user experience? How do you even define and measure user experience? Is it the ‘look-and-feel’ of a product or the interface of an application? In the two blogs shared by Prafull Verma, he talked about the end-user experience...