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Choosing Between Low And High Wireframe Fidelity
Fabulous products take time to build, and a design process is crucial for laying its foundation. To be very frank, wireframing is one of those mysterious steps in a design phase and can be quite enticing to skip.
Visual Design

Jan 29, 2015

Visual Design vs. Usability

Rahul Ranjan Nigam Senior Designer

You must be hearing words like UX/UI/VD and it is quite fascinating that ‘Visual Design & Usability’ are hot topics in Tinsel Town these days.
user experience
Usability testing is often considered as a waste of time and expensive, but the truth is usability testing can be relatively cheap and great deal of values can be obtained. The usability metrics obtained from usability testing helps people to know...
Revolutionizing the Payment Ecosystem
To bring innovation, security, and competition to the fore, the European payment market decided to revisit the Payment Services Directive (PSD). It is widely expected that PSD2 will drive the creation of new business models and prove to be an agent...
The Custodian Affair

Nov 29, 2018

The Custodian Affair

Ahana Anil Global Engagement Manager

Embracing big data analytics, AI and robotics is required for the custodians to exist in the market place which would mean that custodians will have to act more like the tech firms and thus require a different talent-pool for the same.
Customer Relationships
We are now living in the age of the Empowered Customer where consumers are connected via mobile, social media along with web of information on user’s experience in the form of reviews in an increasingly Digital World. Today there are many ways for...