Increasingly, businesses are looking to deliver differentiated customer service. However, rapidly evolving business landscapes and consumer behavior have rendered client relationship management a challenge which affects enterprises and consumers adversely. Also, the new age customer journey is fragmented along various touchpoints which has necessitated a unified approach to customer service management and the deployment of specialized service management software.

Social media has emerged as a primary touchpoint and is changing the way consumers interact with brands, requiring businesses to rethink their customer service management strategy and restructure existing customer management systems. In an era where social channels are dominant, it is important for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to analyze and monitor the insights of their brand’s social media presence regularly. We believe, to achieve this, the customer management system should ensure reciprocal engagement– for customer service management to be aligned to the ‘social’, not only do brands require a full view of their customers leveraging service management software, but they too need a holistic view of the brands they engage.

HCL has facilitated this process by creating Socialytics – a customer management system that helps companies monitor social media channels and measure engagement, for enhanced client relationship management processes. This solution empowers CPG companies to manage customer conversations better in order to achieve a comprehensive customer service management practice. With business analytics, customer management, and personalization features, Socialytics is a customer management system that helps the CPG companies take customer satisfaction to the next level. The CPG companies can now implement service management software that targets specific audiences as they strive for improved brand presence across social media channels, and achieve specific client relationship management goals. The companies can understand the customers’ pulse better with HCL’s client relationship management solution and go the extra mile to offer effective customer service.

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