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Product Life-Cycle Management


In order to flourish in emerging economies, organizations are introducing an increasing number of products and variations to suit multifarious consumer tastes, creating the need for better lifecycle management. An increasing number of divisions and burgeoning departments have necessitated greater collaboration to identify opportunities in life cycle management and realize them. Additionally, changing consumer needs have also affected product lifecycles and response mechanisms, making it imperative to optimize existing PLM systems for better lifecycle management. Businesses must therefore look to make Product Lifecycle Management as flexible as possible. It will enable organizations to structure and analyze large volumes of information associated with complex processes in a single repository. The SAP Product Lifecycle Management application is uniquely suited to this approach to life cycle management as it encompasses integrated components dedicated to support all product-related processes from concept to product obsolescence.

HCL’s iPLM solution for life cycle management helps reduce product development time and PLM operations while subsequently realizing faster time to profit. However, to be successful, PLM (product lifecycle management) solutions must not be restricted to PLM and must integrate enterprise-wide applications embracing people and processes across the organization. In addition to integration for PLM (product lifecycle management), we offer other key differentiators like enhanced engineering capacity and extended collaboration within the organization through supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and mobility. The core of our iPLM solution comprises business process perspective of product development and PLM MDM that provides single source truth across product, process, and quality.

HCL iPLM delivers multiple benefits for PLM (product lifecycle management) that help companies respond to today’s innovation and product life cycle management challenges. Our PLM (product lifecycle management) solution facilitates green manufacturing, reduces innovation cycle time, improves effective paper-to-prototype time, and strengthens communication and coordination among engineering systems. Further, consumer perceptions can be tracked with efficient PLM systems quite early in the product design and supply chain and provide precise sales forecasts.