Organisations are constantly on the lookout for improving warehousing and distribution to improve their supply chains in today’s dynamic business landscape. Supply chain executives frequently face challenges in controlling inventory, maximizing productivity and efficiency, and pulling down operational costs due to legacy warehousing and distribution service. It’s imperative for organizations to create a shift from time intensive traditional supply chains to responsive supply networks and enhanced warehousing services that enable collaboration between communities of customer-centric, demand-driven businesses. This will result in a distribution service that can rapidly acclimatize to varying market environments, and proactive reaction and response to shorter, less predictable life cycles.

Distribution centers and warehouses are vital partners to many segments and sectors of the economy. In the global economy, warehousing and distribution facilities are critical leverage points in the supply chain and any mistake during the distribution phase will lead to loss of profits and friction with customers. Successful warehousing and distribution managers are benchmarking key metrics and implementing best practices in warehousing services to maintain a competitive advantage. Companies are also transforming distribution services with transportation solutions for advanced shipment visibility and better carrier collaboration to help control freight rates and secure capacity. Inbound freight management is also emerging as a focus area.

At HCL, we understand the drive towards greater visibility and transparency across all interactive touchpoints within the business. We offer a bouquet of transparent solutions and frameworks, value propositions and differentiated offerings for warehousing services which can help customers achieve strategic transformation and market differentiation.

We offer the following for business operations cost reduction via an enhanced distribution service:

  • Integrated enterprise function services
  • Shared services and utility creation
  • Best-in-class partnership
  • Flexible management models
  • Innovative commercial construct

By functionally aligning IT and operations with advanced warehousing services, we reduce business operating costs by 20-25%. Additionally, the processes and systems across utilities are standardized, simplified, and automated. The data management warehouse is more consistent globally and the internal control network is more stringent.

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