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Weaving Quality into Every Fabric of Your Business Strategy

IT leaders' views on testing have undergone a profound shift in recent years. With the rise of mobile apps, seamless cloud integration, strategic service virtualization and groundbreaking AI advancements, the approach to crafting IT solutions for businesses has fundamentally transformed.

At HCLTech, we redefine testing, challenging the idea of it being merely routine. Quality isn't just an initial step but a continuous thread in a sound business strategy. We transcend traditional methods, using automation, analytics and AI to elevate testing precision and quality throughout.

Integrating Quality into Every Fabric of Business Strategy

Encompassing QA, Automation, Continuous Testing, DevOps and Agile Methodologies

Foundational services

Assuring quality in legacy, digital and mobile applications, with focus on functional, regression automation, API, performance and security testing

Enterprise application testing services

Ensuring enterprise software (SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, WMS, etc.) and SaaS applications perform as specified, are rolled out quickly and have assured business continuity during deployments

Digital assurance services

Supporting cloud journeys, application modernization and digitalization to ensure functional assurance, better customer experience (usability, accessibility) and application availability and performance

Specialized services

Improving time to market and testing efficiency through service virtualization, test environment and data management, site reliability engineering and observability

Advisory services

Niche consulting services that include maturity assessments, tools rationalization, quality engineering strategies and transformation services designed to help achieve higher maturity and improved efficiency


Leveraging AI in Best-in-class Application and Software Quality Engineering

Elevating customer experience

Elevating customer experience

Inadequate testing isn't just a technical hiccup —it starts a chain reaction of mounting costs, a drop in CX, employee inefficiency and potential revenue loss. Our 'quality from day one' approach helps ensure quality at every phase of the testing lifecycle.

Speed to Market

Speed to market

Software delivery lifecycles are being compressed, and sustained success requires that quality services compress in tandem. Our innovative quality solutions are designed to save precious time from each phase of delivery.

Building Agility

Building agility

A heavy fixed-cost burden for testing does not meet the needs of an agile business. At HCLTech, we've faced this challenge and solved it —repeatedly. We provide an array of resourcing models designed to deliver the right services when you need them.

Magnifying Value

Magnifying value

Our innovative, efficiency-driven testing solutions give you the best of both worlds: effective defect detection and cost avoidance — at a price point that enables the testing function to add value rather than consume cost.

Elevate Your Testing Capabilities with HCLTech Virtual Intelligent Test Agent

Revolutionizing testing with AI precision

HCLTech Virtual Intelligent Test Agent is a game-changing AI-augmented test orchestration platform designed to enhance every facet of the testing lifecycle. From the initial requirements stage to post-production analysis, the tool brings to life a suite of AI-based use cases in quality engineering to accelerate testing, analyze data, optimize effort and predict quality to empower enterprise testing organizations.


Reduction in test planning time


Reduction in automation development and maintenance time


Improvement in test execution time

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