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HCLTech Scale Artificial Intelligence
Ideation to Action

Reshaping Business with AI

Ignite a paradigm shift beyond mere incremental gains in AI. Supercharge customer experiences, streamline operations, empower intelligent decision-making and ignite a culture of AI adoption across your enterprise.

Embrace the harmonious fusion of machine intelligence and human free will to redefine experiences and unlock unparalleled business value.


Unleash AI Ingenuity: Your Gateway to Futuristic Excellence

Experience the transformative power of AI, propelling your business towards unparalleled performance and excellence in the dynamic landscape of tomorrow.


Transformative AI Solutions for the Modern Era

HCLTech insights marketplace

Data science platform that allows enterprises to rapidly develop and deploy custom ML models for scalable innovation to support the business.

HCLTech model manager

Enables end-to-end data science lifecycle management of AI and ML projects at an enterprise level, including model release, retraining and enhancement.

HCLTech digital buying

Cognitive procurement platform that enables buyers and supply chain executives with the necessary insights to compare prices along with supplier value.

Regulatory intelligence

Enable monitoring and providing real-time information, analysis and intelligence on regulations, guidelines, policies and legislations across product lines.

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