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Unleashing the hidden value of data through intelligent insights

At HCLTech, we are dedicated to empowering businesses to harness the power of data and make informed decisions that propel them forward. We understand that data is not just a collection of numbers and statistics; it is a strategic asset that is key to unlocking new opportunities, optimizing operations and staying ahead in a competitive landscape.

We combine technology, analytics expertise and a deep understanding of business needs to enable organizations to confidently make data-driven decisions.

Welcome to a world where data becomes your strategic asset.

Unleashing the Hidden Value of Data through Intelligent Insights

Crafting the Future of Business Intelligence

We're empowering organizations to harness the power of data and drive transformative outcomes by shaping the future of business intelligence and analytics.

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Collaborative BI

AI-infused BI with conversational insights for collaborative decision-making

Enterprise performance management

Enterprise performance management

End-to-end finance transformation with automation, cloudification and advanced visualization



Combining art and technology to transform data into narrative stories for maximizing insights and minimizing clicks

Migration and rationalization

Migration and rationalization

An accelerated approach to rationalize, consolidate, migrate and modernize analytics platforms


Unlocking Tomorrow's Insights Today

HCLTech Advantage Analytics

An integrated BI solution with self-service, real-time analytics, embedded features and actionable insights for customer engagement

HCLTech BI Cockpit

A wireframing and template automation solution for BI deployment, offering prebuilt templates and visualizations to accelerate actionable insights from data

HCLTech Digital CFO

BI framework for CFOs that covers strategic planning, risk compliance and delivery of actionable insights for informed decision-making

Data Marketplace

An e-commerce-like platform for boosting revenue by monetizing data assets, reducing costs by eliminating redundant systems, increasing employee productivity through self-service access to analytics and improving decision-making with trusted and timely insights

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HCLTech Recognized a Leader in ISG AWS Ecosystem Partners – AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning– US 2022


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Data modernization

Experience the seamless transformation of your current data assets into state-of-the-art, cloud-native solutions with our data-first methodology

Digital integration and platform automation

Lay a solid foundation for digital transformation through robust integration, EDI/B2B and actionable insights

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Customer experience

Take your business to the pinnacle of success and reshape CX by leveraging the best of intelligent processes and next-generation technologies

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