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HCL Novus Post Trade


The post-trade business landscape is at an inflection point as newer technologies and cut-throat competition continue to reshape business models.

Legacy applications hindering flexibility for large-scale transformation, silo-ed business processes, shrinking margins, and crunch of right skills for niche technology are some of the many impediments that must be addressed.

While these challenges pose hurdles, they also present an opportunity for firms to provide Post-Trade solutions. Increasing regulatory oversight and the need to be compliant, mitigation of operational risk through stable and predictable operations and cost reduction amidst shrinking margins are some of the factors that drive the market.

HCLTech Novus Post-Trade solutions are a combination of application services and business operations delivered through innovative engagement models. These help both buy and sell-side participants achieve alternate revenue streams and disruptive cost arbitrage while ensuring stability, control, compliance, and improved efficiencies.

Business situation


Cost pressures on IBs leading to the exit of asset classes


Increased investment in risk and cybersecurity


Increased investment in AI and blockchain technologies


Realization of chronic underinvestment in MO & BO


Solution accelerators

Asset Transition Methodology
Asset Transition Methodology

A proven and recognized framework designed to address large, multi-service transitions in a fully automated manner with pre-defined templates and checklists. It enables financial services organizations to identify and minimize transition risk by application profiling, create a comprehensive knowledge base, and carry out complete application portfolio assessment and business process mapping

Fenix 2.0

FENIX2.0 is an industry aligned execution framework that helps organizations rewire their core DNA to realize digital transformation objectives. HCLTech has led multiple Modernization and Transformation projects globally by leveraging the FENIX framework and having the 3 key dimensions of People, Process and Technology at its core.

HCLTech DPrizm

HCLTech DPrizm is a comprehensive assessment tool for cloud and application modernization. It provides accurate estimates on expense, ROI and cost measurement which enable firms to reduce business and operational risk in their respective business areas.


An AI/Ml based tool that helps in the interpretation, extraction and reading of structured and unstructured text information. It also assists with identifying any missing, unseen and ill–formed data from the handwritten documents, faxes, electronic documents and images. The product is enabled with domain ontology which gets better with every new transaction and unsupervised learning, resulting in a better processing speed and providing close to 100% accuracy.

HCLTech Icontrol
HCLTech iControl

Offers real-time business flow observability and insight into business-relevant controls by creating meaningful views from both business and technology perspectives. iControl delivers faster impact assessment, Increased resilience and risk minimization.

Key business payoffs

Cost reduction
Gain in Productivity
Reduction in FTE
Straight through processing



Success stories

Singaporean Multinational Banking and Financial Services
Leading European bank
Strategic partner to create a global industry utility covering technology, infrastructure, and operations services
Client’s requirement
  • Client wanted to modernize their legacy system by moving to a cloud-based digital platform
  • Significant reduction in cost across applications, infrastructure, and BPO
Solution and benefits
  • Modernized 17+ core applications to a single digital cheque processing platform
  • Implemented a region-based target operating model
  • Delivered real-time data analytics and reporting
  • Delivered 40% TCO reduction and transaction-based pricing
  • Platform modernization through tech upgradation, APIfication, cloudification, AI/ NLP
Traditional 'Big Four' Irish banks
Leading German global investment bank
Strategic partner for middle office and back office application consolidation and run transformation
Client’s requirement
  • Reduction in the total cost of operations
  • Simplification of application landscape by consolidation, modernization, and decommission
  • Creation of a shared service factory model
Solution and benefits
  • Implemented a factory model for 300 applications to handle 40% more volumes
  • Consolidated 70 reconciliation applications into a single platform leading to 35% cost reduction
  • 75% drop in average daily unallocated breaks
  • Increase in auto-matching rate to 86%
  • 45% reduction in the total cost of operations