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Dish out superior UX at every touch point

Leverage the power of Big Data analytics to enable predictive support, continuous authentication, and delivery of hypercontextualized support and services

HCL WorkBlaze™

WorkBlaze™ monitoring equipped with AIOps, real-time workplace analytics that spots trends and correlates, remediates issues before they are widespread, and gathers contextual user feedback to enhance employee experience and productivity. It provides a unique User Experience Index(UEI) across devices, applications and networks to bring proactiveness to the ecosystem and reduce the IT-user gap.

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HCL’s fully managed, end-to-end workplace virtualization solution empowers users with intelligent workspaces. As a holistic solution, LibreSpace delivers an anywhere, anytime and on any device ‘digital workplace as a service’ experience. It offers a truly hybrid work environment (public/private cloud-hosted, on-premises) and a scalable solution in flexible consumption models.

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HCL Profile Kaleidoscope™

HCL Profile KaleidoscopeTM helps you develop a modern workplace appropriate for your organization by:

  1. Enabling you with a scientific way of segregating user profiles in your enterprise using real-time data analytics.
  2. Providing visibility in your workplace experience, the required application and device workload trends and transformations and, and helping you create a modern workplace for each profile.
  3. Rendering fit-for-purpose digital workplace solutions, devices, and services to all your end-users.


IntellizoneTM is an interactive walk-in zone by HCL to deliver quick, intelligent IT issue resolution. It includes digital lockers and IT vending machines that help manage and provision hardware (desktops/ laptops/printers, etc.) to users in a smooth, automated way without the presence of a field support resource. The solution has a centralized tracking system through which assets can be tracked and managed, and users can log in through a pin or an ID card. All transactions are recorded through cloud-based software for better inventory management.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

We take Unified Communications to a whole new level with our rich solution accelerators in the form of cloud automation, adaptors, test automation framework, multi-channel plugins, etc. Rendezvous is HCL's intelligent framework that manages, simplifies, and digitizes your multi-vendor Unified Communications infrastructure with proactive monitoring, AI-enabled automation, and a complete discovery-driven functionality.

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Experience-centric Windows evergreening, application assessment, automated testing, remediation, and packaging solution.