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Smart Users



Empower users with efficient solutions

Leverage the power of cognitive AI to enable virtual personal assistants, peer-to-peer support, and instant delivery of solutions


An AI-powered cognitive assistant that automates industry-wide use-cases through smart conversations by leveraging enterprise-grade Natural Language Processing and machine learning.

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Password Reset

Password Reset solution allows an end-user to self-reset his password remotely from a web browser without calling the helpdesk. It helps to reset password via application, chatbot, voice biometric, along with powerful, curated adoption mechanisms to ensure people do not reach out to the IT service desk for password issues.

Digital Dexterity

Our Digital Literacy solution includes a Digital Adoption platform- Digital Literacy Buddy (DLB), that gives complete visibility of the organization-wide technology stack adoption, and user engagement across the underlying applications. It also identifies the gaps and provides an on-screen, interactive step-by-step guide to the users on using applications deployed within the organization while automating repetitive workflows to increase the digital adoption rate.

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Our Digital Literacy solution is not just limited to the enterprise. We have an exclusive offering for the industrial environment: Smart Industrial Assistant (SIA), an AI based software solution that delivers actionable intelligence to the last tactical mile.

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Omnichannel Access

HCL’s omnichannel solution aims to homogenize the user support experience across various support channels while providing the freedom to choose the medium of support, which can be chat, email, call, or even social media. Built on MS Teams, the solution provides cross- support channel data that allows the support team to be context- aware.


Kalido is a liquid workforce management tool that enables organizations to reimagine how to acquire, retain, develop, excite, and exit talent and skills. Built on an AI-based platform, it helps the professionals in skill-sharing, collaboration and networking, which enhances worker well-being, business productivity, and innovation.