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What are the best digital workplace solutions?

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HCLTech’s Digital Workplace Solutions bring together technology, people, and culture to create positive experiences that make your workforce meaningfully productive and purposefully engaged.

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Publish Date
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HCLTech’s Digital Workplace Solutions bring together technology, people, and culture to create positive experiences that make your workforce meaningfully productive and purposefully engaged.

HCLTech’s digital workplace SMART framework encompasses all workplace solutions comprehensively and comprises four distinct buckets, all targeted to different facets of workplace IT:

SMART IT – Dish out superior UX at every touch point

SMART USERS – Empower users with efficient solutions

SMART SPACES – Enable IoT-powered smart physical spaces

SMART MACHINES – Adopt and enable smart devices

Here are some of our key digital workplace solutions:

HCLTech WorkBlazeTM:

WorkBlazeTM is HCLTech’s digital end-user experience monitoring tool equipped with AIOps and real-time workplace analytics. It spots trends, correlates and remediates issues before they become widespread, and gathers contextual user feedback to enhance employee experience and productivity. It provides a unique User Experience Index (UEI) across devices, applications, and networks to bring proactivity in the ecosystem and reduce the IT-user gap.


LibreSpace is HCLTech’s fully managed, end-to-end workplace virtualization solution that empowers users with intelligent workspaces. As a holistic solution, LibreSpace delivers an anywhere, anytime, and any device, “digital workplace as a Service” experience and offers a truly hybrid (public/private cloud-hosted and/or on-premises), scalable solution in flexible consumption models

Profile KaleidoscopeTM:

HCLTech Profile KaleidoscopeTM helps you develop a modern workplace appropriate for your organization by-

1) Enabling you with a scientific way of segregating user profiles in your enterprise using real-time data analytics

2) Providing visibility in your workplace around user workstyles, productivity, workplace security, mobility, workplace experience, and the required application and device workload trends and transformations, and helping you create a modern workplace for each profile

3) Rendering fit-for-purpose digital workplace solutions, devices, and services to all your end-users


IntellizoneTM is an interactive walk-in zone by HCLTech to deliver quick, intelligent IT issue resolution. It includes digital lockers and IT vending machines that help in managing and provisioning hardware (desktops/laptops/printers etc.) to users in a smooth and automated way without the presence of a field support resource. The solution has a centralized tracking system through which assets can be tracked and managed and users can login through a pin or an ID card. All transactions are recorded through cloud-based software for better inventory management.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

We take unified communications to a whole new level with our rich solution accelerators in the form of cloud workplace automation, adaptors, multi-channel plugins, our test automation framework, and many more. Rendezvous is our intelligent framework that manages, simplifies, and digitizes your multi-vendor unified communications infrastructure with proactive monitoring, AI-enabled automation, and a complete discovery-driven functionality.


Titan is an experience-centric Windows evergreening, application assessment, automated testing, remediation, and packaging solution.

DRYiCE Lucy:

DRYiCE Lucy is an AI-powered cognitive assistant that automates industry-wide use cases through smart conversations by leveraging enterprise-grade natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

Password Reset:

The Password Reset solution allows end-users to self-reset their password remotely from a web browser without calling the helpdesk. It helps reset passwords via the application, chatbot, or voice biometric portal, along with powerful and curated adoption mechanisms to ensure that people do not reach out to IT service desk for password issues.


Kalido is a liquid workforce management tool that enables organizations to reimagine how to acquire, retain, develop, excite, and exit talent and skills. Kalido is built on an AI-based platform that helps professionals in skill-sharing, collaboration, and networking which enhances worker well-being, business productivity, and innovation.


The Intelligent Asset Tracking and Management (IATM) solution aims to enhance asset onboarding, transform inventory auditing processes, and improve asset visibility through location monitoring. The plug-and-play solution integrates with the existing enterprise systems to harness the power of IoT for asset management throughout the asset lifecycle. This improves operational efficiency and productivity and eliminates potential losses incurred due to asset theft and misplacement.

DRYiCE OptiBot:

DRYiCE OptiBot is a Digital Workplace optimization and automated end-user enablement product that enhances UX (user experience) and makes work life simpler while reducing the burden on IT. OptiBot resolves commonly occurring IT issues pre-emptively and swiftly through unassisted automation and presents employees with a catalog of one-click solutions and various self-help features for quicker remediation. It detects, diagnoses, and resolves device and application issues, resulting in a more proactive approach to incident management and increased IT productivity.


HCLTech FlexSpace is a fully-featured DaaS (Desktop as a Service) offering that brings together the breadth of hardware from leading OEMs and a comprehensive portfolio of IT services from HCLTech to deliver a future-ready managed digital workplace experience. FlexSpace features full-lifecycle digital workspace services spanning planning and design, deployment and integration, management, support, and refresh with in-built flexibility to scale up or down according to the needs of the business; considering both the existent enterprise user personas and prevalent site support models.


Onsight is an augmented reality service platform that delivers a fully collaborative immersive remote presence environment to help teams troubleshoot, assess, and rapidly resolve issues by bringing in virtual experts.

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