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With drastic changes occurring in the shopping trends and consumption pattern of customers, the retail and CPG industry is constantly being challenged. It is compelled to discover opportunities for growth by tapping into new markets and meet local demands through innovation. This requires complete engagement with customers across channels and new geographies, while maximizing operational efficiency. Achieving this essentially calls for a partnership, one which contributes across the value chain by sharing KPIs and effective strategies for the organization.

HCL provides specialized offerings to global retail and CPG players in enterprise applications, including Omni-Channel Customer Experience Assessment (OCEAN).The OCEAN tool assists organizations in evaluating their existing e-commerce and multi-channel business processes and technologies. It runs a comparison to top consumer industry practices, thereby identifying and highlighting areas in need of improvement in terms of functionality, omni-channel integration, and user experience to impact customer affinity, conversion and retention. The OCEAN maturity assessment facilitates many aspects, such as CI capability assessment, current state diagnostics, compliance measurement, experience redesign, senior management coaching, and employee survey requirements.

HCL recognizes the importance of e-commerce site design and performance, and how rapidly they need to constantly evolve. In our omni-channel customer experience assessment, we have developed a health assessment tool to assess:

  • Basic e-commerce capability
  • Innovation and market trend adoptability
  • User experience
  • Ease of operations
  • Customer affinity
  • Business enhancement capabilities
  • Value-adding features

HCL’s customer-centric principles coupled with the latest technological expertise and omni-channel integration tools enable us to provide these services efficiently. We leverage the best-in-class omni-channel CE diagnostic tools and deeply experienced practitioners in the industry through an action-oriented approach and a detailed and practical vision.


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