Retail Connect Solution for Retailers | HCLTech


The rapid advancement of mobile devices is transforming the retail world of business. Aiming to conduct operations seamlessly, retailers are making the shift towards enterprise mobility through next-generation smart devices. Consequently, they are adopting mobile apps for an enhanced customer experience.

HCLTech’s Retail Connect is a mobility solution that addresses both strategic and operational challenges. An integrated suite of mobile apps— it enables faster implementation of mobile apps, and is conducive to operational efficiency. 

Retail Connect’s key components and features incorporate latest technological trends such as NFC coupons/ payments, geo-fencing alerts, and visual store shelves using augmented reality. These encompass:

  • In-store item inquiry and sale including QR code scanning for quick checkout, and greater cross-channel inventory visibility
  • Configurable KPI dashboards that facilitates monitoring of store performance in real-time
  • Mobile planograms using augmented reality-enabled virtual store shelves with workflows planning, assigning, executing, and auditing planogram resets
  • Customer-centric marketing involving mobile promotions, access to coupons, and exchange of feedback
  • In-store system alerts for stock levels and customer arrival
  • Dashboards enabling corporate users to compare stores and review performances
  • Dashboards for vendors to monitor and compare performance across timelines and with other vendors
  • Mobile workforce management with real-time view allowing allocation, approval, and monitoring of store personnel tasks

Conclusively, there are several business benefits of using Retail Connect’s mobility solution, including an optimal in-store experience for both customers and retailers. Sales and customer footfall increase, as does store personnel productivity. Mobile agility across the enterprise is enhanced, and business processes across the retail value chain are reformed to boost overall performance radically.