Base90 Industry Model

Certified by SAP, HCL’s Base90 is a set of unique pre-configured implementation accelerators built by HCL and leveraging SAP S/4HANA Best Practices.

Base90 contains preconfigured solutions, accelerators, industry and process-specific subject matter. Our Base90 templates enable organizations to achieve rapid implementation, with 90% of their processes coming straight out of the box. The remaining 10% are reimagined for competitive differentiation using Design Thinking.

Our Base90 accelerators bring multiple benefits to any S/4HANA project, including:

  • During design and validation, the focus is on adopting the available SAP Best Practice, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel or blueprinting
  • Reduces project timelines significantly – driving a faster return of investment
  • Simplifies user adaption and ensures compatibility with future innovations and simplifications

Industry Solutions

Our accelerated S/4HANA Base90 solutions include:

Aerospace & Defense
Aerospace and Defense

Only SAP certified A&D best practices for S/4HANA. Our Base90 for A&D includes best practice processes for complex project systems-based manufacturing and assembly.

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Lifesciences and Healthcare
Lifesciences and Healthcare (LSH)

Base90 for LSH is a part of a number of solutions and add-ons that HCL offers for the LSH industry and includes key innovations such as segmentation in supply chain.

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Base90 for S/4HANA ISU includes the latest SAP offerings in the utility space. Benefits include a simplified deployment footprint leveraging SAP Utility Customer Management, as well as Enterprise Asset Management.


Base90 for manufacturing contains unique HCL differentiators for Discrete and Process manufacturing including improved Margin Analysis with SAC, Digital Logistics for track and trace, and Automation bots for unique processes.

Consumer Packaged Goods
Consumer Packaged Goods

Base90 for consumer-packaged goods companies.


Solution Brief

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HCL Base90 For Life Sciences


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Base90 Aerospace Company