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Data delivery and management, done better

Data quality and management must be central to any SAP digital transformation project. This means more than just migrating the right data; data delivery must also ensure that the business can trust the data moving forward.

HCLTech’ partnership with Syniti, a global leader in enterprise data management, drives higher-value SAP implementations by providing the robust data solutions needed to accelerate SAP S/4HANA transformations and steer modern, intelligent processes.

As per the IDC report published in June 2022, HCLTech’ and Syniti’s SAP Advanced Data Migration has enabled their customers to achieve 8-month payback, 314% 3-year ROI, and reduce operating expenses to USD 914,000 when migrating to SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP Ariba.

The alliance combines Syniti’s best-in-class AI-driven software platform with HCLTech’s industry expertise in aerospace and defense, utilities, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing and life sciences to deliver industry-specific data solutions, improved data migration and management strategies, and higher quality data.

Together, we offer:

  • A modern approach to data that tightly integrates business planning with data strategy, harnessing the power of AI/ML to capture and govern information
  • Better business outcomes through Intelligent data tools that deliver cost-effective, faster time to value
  • Accelerated SAP S/4HANA paths: HCLTech and Syniti collaborate to work on all systems and SAP S/4HANA pathways, including greenfield, selective data transition, and brownfield.


Industry-specific solutions

DataSure for Utilities

Cleansing customer and location data, and the accurate accounting of historical data, are critical to a successful CIS implementation. DataSure ensures the accuracy of the data being loaded during migration and continues post go-live to monitor data loading from any external system into the target system as part of the data governance model.

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Material segmentation acceleration for life sciences

In an industry with so many moving pieces and parts, having a tight governance over data entry and harmonization can drastically reduce product launch timeframes and increase organizational agility.

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DataSure for asset intensive industries

Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) is key to asset intensive industries, such as Aerospace & Defence, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and mining. Inaccurate data leads to operational inefficiencies, compliance risks, and increased working capital. Our MRO solution helps improve uptime, reduce parts cost, and optimize working capital.

Benefits we bring


Hard savings

Reduction of cost, based on auto-generation of rules and content, enabling intelligent tools to maximize ROI



Improve performance and reduce the complexity of data conversion objects with intelligent data tools and accelerators


Modern approach to data migration

Proven DataSure methodology, tools and accelerators, and global resource pool


Reduced program risk

Validation of design assumptions by testing with real-time data and early adoption of agile hybrid migration approach


Repeatable process

Reuse migration templates, rules, and content for future waves, ongoing data quality, and mergers and acquisitions


Comprehensive solutions

Realize business outcomes with our industry accelerators, templates, and intelligent solutions

Success stories

Singaporean Multinational Banking and Financial Services
A Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation
Developers’ Portal with 200+ APIs for a thriving ecosystem & marketplace

The client is a leader in digital banking services. HCLTech is the strategic partner for the bank working in a number of key Open Banking and Digital Banking initiatives, which include Development of 200+ Core Banking APIs, launching a fully digital bank and Mobile banking and wallet app

HCLTech Solution:

HCLTech is the strategic partner for the Core Banking API development. The scope of activities includes Business Analysis, API build, Test Automation & SIT, Release Management activities. API’s allowed Key Banking Service/Assets to external World to access which were limited to Bank Application till now. It includes features like:

  • Onboarding of new users to Bank.
  • View Parties/User’s Information including demographics.
  • Sending email and SMS Notification for credit/debit card transactions including OTP.
  • View current and historical exchange rates with enablement of FX Watch - also provides for specific input currency pair
  • To settle payments electronically to credit cards, loans and other billing organizations authorized by the bank.
  • To transfer money to their own account, third-party accounts or external accounts.
  • Payee management functionalities such as adding new payees, retrieving payee details, and retrieving registered payee lists
  • 90 seconds for Wallet account opening
  • Loan request feature with immediate disbursement facility
  • 70% quicker release timelines with devops implementation
  • Minimized COVID impact by enabling ease of access with Social banking, contactless banking etc
Traditional 'Big Four' Irish banks
One of the traditional 'Big Four' Irish banks.
Compliance with PSD2 and Open Banking UK

The client embarked on their Open Banking journey and wanted to achieve PSD2/CMA9 compliance with a path to adopting new Open Banking business models

HCLTech Solution:
  • The scope of work included Requirement gathering/analysis, Microservices design, development and testing.
  • Built system API's to access legacy system & database to expose data in canonical formats. HCLTech also built connectivity, built integration flows with reusable approach to reuse the logic in & across the integration platform.
  • Shift Left Testing’ with a greater focus on automation testing
  • Built common error framework, to capture the business/logical errors to handle business requirement across the banking domain
  • $1.2 Million Savings with 100% automation in system & performance testing
  • 80% Offshoring reduced significant delivery cost
  • 95% Automation Testing with ‘Shift Left Testing’ approach
Life and General Insurance Agencies in Singapore
One of the leading life and general insurance agencies in Singapore
SOA & API Platform: Life, General & Group Insurance Systems across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia

The client’s architecture lacked a standard way of representing the business services and did not allow existing systems to connect efficiently with the outside world. Functionalities tightly coupled with the user interface or portal could not be changed even for minor iterations. This led to:

  • Inhibited growth had increased maintenance cost
  • Continued software maintenance fees for an insignificant amount of ROI
  • Missed revenue due to the lack of innovative products
HCLTech Solution:

HCLTech and the client decided to engage in a journey to develop a standardized REST API which would integrate with the back end and provide next-gen, customer-centric solutions. For the implementation, HCLTech used Spring Boot, Rancher for Microservices, API Gateway from Axway, BitBucket for version control, and CA LISA (DevTest solutions) for service virtualization. Our team selected the top software solutions from specific segments on the basis of cost, speed, and ease of implementation. HCLTech’s API gateways have security and throttling models that impose limitations on who pulls the data, when, and how frequently the data gets pulled.

  • The APIfied system is more agile with shorter release cycles and faster time to market. The solution empowered the insurer to cope with unforeseen changes and meet sudden demands in the insurance landscape.
  • Enabled data standardization that allowed all subsystems across the organization to adopt and achieve a uniform structure.
  • Faster time to market
  • Cope with unforeseen changes and meet sudden spikes in demand
  • Scalability and optimum usage of infrastructure with no impact on business continuity
Australian Multinational Bank
An Australian multinational bank
Digital Marketing Transformation – Integration with 3rd party platforms
  • Poor customer experience leading to drop out in customer onboarding
  • Brand inconsistency due to inorganic growth
  • Inability to predict customer churn and customer retention
HCLTech Solution:
  • Redesigned customer journeys to deliver continuous experience across channels through web, campaigns, CRM, self service options. The solution was created to ensure brand consistency across different subsidiaries through content as a service architecture
  • Connected with 3rd party applications designed to enhance user experience
  • Re-platformed the new digital engagement ecosystem from legacy to the new modern ecosystem on cloud with a record launch of 6000+ experiences on web & mobile in record 3 months
  • Enabled Real Time Delivery of Aggregated Information to Investors
  • Optimized Opex - 20+ Digital Properties - One Cloud Based scalable infrastructure
  • Reduced dependency on Call Center by 30%
  • 7 Mil AUD approved cost saving
  • Time to launch reduced to 60%
  • #1 mobile app and online bank in Australia

Thought Leadership




Success stories

Singaporean Multinational Banking and Financial Services
A European aerospace multinational corporation
A comprehensive solution for consolidating SAP data

One of the world’s largest Aerospace & Defense enterprise is consolidating the SAP data from an acquired program into a new instance of SAP suite on S/4HANA. With only a short timeframe available to execute the migration, the company chose HCLTech and Syniti to plan, cleanse, migrate, and reconcile data.


HCLTech and Syniti collaborated to provide modern data tools, accelerators, and industry best practices. We leveraged our depth and breadth of SAP implementation experience and Syniti’s Advanced Data Migration Platform for SAP to deliver a comprehensive solution for the client’s data migration needs.

  • Business data mapping and data design: Worked with IT and business stakeholders to hold data mapping exercises and define transformation rules.
  • Data cleansing: Identified missing data and data requiring clean-up. We defined an approach and detailed plan for data cleansing.
  • Data harmonization and transformation: Developed required business logic and rules to move legacy data elements into the target system.
  • Data construction: Constructed missing data elements required by the target system using web-enabled data construction servers. The data was also validated against required fields in the target system.
  • Data loading: We used best practices and methods for loading data.
  • Data reconciliation: Reconciled data leaving source systems with data loaded into target systems.

By utilizing a repeatable, re-useable, and best practice-driven approach to data migration, the client could lower the risk and focus on business process optimization. The project was delivered on-time and within budget, and HCLTech and Syniti enabled the client to integrate the acquired program quickly and effectively into their production flow and meet the integration timelines defined in the TSA.

Traditional 'Big Four' Irish banks
World’s largest aerospace and defense company
Modern data tools, accelerators, and industry best practices for data migration

The world’s largest Aerospace & Defense organization embarked on global migration to SAP S/4HANA, involving simultaneous projects and millions of master data objects from various ERP systems. The organization partnered with HCLTech and Syniti to provide data services involving data migration from a legacy ERP system to SAP S/4HANA and several related systems.


HCLTech and Syniti partnered to provide modern data tools, accelerators, and industry best practices. The migration involved:

  • Data cleansing: Formulated a detailed approach and plan for data cleansing by identifying missing data and data requiring clean-up.
  • Data construction: Construction of missing data elements required by target system using web-enabled data construction servers. Validation of data constructed against required fields in the target system.
  • Data design and business data mapping: Conducting data mapping exercises and defining transformation rules in collaboration with IT and business stakeholders.
  • Data harmonization and transformation: Developed business logic and rules to migrate legacy data elements into the target system.
  • Data loading: We used best practices and methods for loading data.
  • Data reconciliation: Reconciliation of data leaving source systems and data loaded into target systems.

The proven, best practice-driven approach to data migration reduces the risk and enables the client to focus on optimizing their business processes. By delivering the project on-time and within budget, HCLTech and Syniti have helped the company integrate the acquired program quickly and effectively into their production flow and meet program schedule targets.