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News UK Transformed Its Data Center To Become More Agile

News UK Transformed Its Data Center To Become More Agile

Client Information

News UK, which is part of the diversified global media and information services company News Corporation, publishes The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Sun newspapers.

Business Challenges

As of 2008, News UK was operating four data centers in London, containing a total of 931 servers in 170 racks and drawing an aggregate 388 kilowatts (kW) of power. The firm was fast running out of spare data center space to scale up to business requirements, experienced frequent outages, and had proprietary systems that had reached their end of life and were due for refresh. At the end of 2008, News UK initiated a data center transformation program and selected HCL Technologies as its partner.

HCL Solution

In 2009, News UK began its transformation by partnering with HCL to outsource I&O management and transformation delivery, including support for the new IT infrastructure — skills that News UK did not have in-house. HCL led the project; it formed two separate teams (steady-state delivery and project) with common leadership to support I&O and transformation activities.