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Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Sales Planning and Trade Promotion
What are the key benefits of an efficient TPMS?
  • Define trade marketing campaigns once, and launch simultaneously across all customer touch points
  • Seamlessly automate the trade promotion process with best-in-class transactional and analytical capabilities
  • Improve trade spending with the help of seamless workflow, data management, and analytics
  • Execute successful shopper-driven in-store tactics by leveraging virtual environments to run shopper research
  • Improve internal collaboration by bringing together sales, finance, and demand planning in one application
  • Make revenue grow and optimize ROI by correctly allocating investments across customers and brands
  • Improve performance at the shelf and reduce out-of-stock possibilities with more accurate sales forecasts and a closed-loop planning-execution process.
  • Win with retailers and consumers by implementing the best assortments and promotional levers to help negotiations in joint business planning.