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What is “Click and Collect”?

To counter the threat of disruptors, and in response to constant margin pressure from retailers, many CPG companies are exploring ways to reach consumers directly through digital channels. And they’re no longer content to send out static, one-way marketing messages, such as emails or banner ads announcing a special sale. Instead, they’re looking to engage consumers in highly personalized, consistent interactions.

E-commerce is disrupting the traditional business model of consumer goods and it’s affecting every product category. With infrastructure in place to support CPG e-commerce, many retail stores and restaurants have implemented “click and collect” delivery models. This model allows customers to order and pay for a product or meal online and receive a text message when the order is ready to be picked up. Consumer packaged goods, which were once purchased almost exclusively in stores, have moved into the “digital battleground”—that is, consumers are increasingly researching and buying them online.